Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak ANNOUNCED!

The Odyssey team has recently posted that a new jailbreak for iOS 15 is coming soon. They posted a Tweet in which they also shared a picture.

When you will click on the picture, you will see that this is the jailbreak UI. Cheyote jailbreak for iOS 15 has been announced. So really quick this is for 15.0 to `15.1 on all devices. This was meant to be called electro jailbreak but I know some nick changed the name I’m going to continue to call this electro jailbreak. I’ll let you know how you can change the app name to electro jailbreak actually is.

Also, some of the youtubers like geosnow has tweeted that its not being managed by the official odyssey team therefore it could lead to a scam.

But its not something that if it not legit then you’ll not get any iOS 15 jailbreak, the fugu 15 jailbreak is also being developed by the Fugu 14 developer which is likely to be released soon as the first ever iOS 15 jailbreak.

You will be able to download fugu 15 jailbreak guide from here once its released.

Now, another announcement has been appearing from the Odyssey team. Regarding today’s announcement from the Odyssey Team,

Taurine15 will be named Cheyote and it will initially support iOS 15.0 -15.1.1.

Again all devices should be supported eventually if it is not initially supported so iPhone 6S up to until 13 Pro Max

There is no ETA for Cheyote but it is said to be released “in the near future.”

You will see on discord in the coming weeks. So one week, two weeks, three weeks, coming weeks not coming months very important there it will be a rootless jailbreak.

On the discord you will further see,

Support for iOS 15.2 – 15.4.1 will be looked into afterward but NOT guaranteed.

So cool star is like flip-flop, like they said that was their final jailbreak and then it turns out as that was not their final jailbreak and then you know whatever. We will have to wait and see what happens with that firmware.

So yeah, electro jailbreak has been announced and they called it Cheyote jailbreak.


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