Coolest Bars in Abu Dhabi

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi and want to enjoy the nightlife here by spending time in impressive bars in Abu Dhabi, you will want to know about the coolest bars here. Some of these have interesting concepts when it comes to design. Visitors get thrilled with the dazzling DJ sessions, 30 Days Dubai Visa. It is possible to host remarkable parties here also. The elite of Abu Dhabi visit the clubs and chill in a unique way. Abu Dhabi bars are amazing in their own way. The top ones serve delicious food and excel in different cuisines. They provide the finest beers as well as wines present across the globe.

The following are some of the coolest bars in Abu Dhabi:

Appaloosa Sports Bar

This is a popular sports bar that provides a variety of crafted as well as creative drinks. It is a casual venue upon the ground floor of the prestigious Marriott Hotel Al Forsan. You can get American food and customary beverages all in a lively ambience. This bar is the hotel’s unique entertaining bar providing different beverages, live music as well as DJ sets. There is a large terrace area where one can enjoy shisha.

This outdoor terrace is good when it is winter. Inside there are huge screens which play sports games like rugby and football. There is also a private snooker room providing entertainment. On the weekends there is a live band that plays through the Friday Brunch. This helps further enhance the ambience of the sports bar.

Porters English Pub

This is one of the best pubs in Abu Dhabi and is for those who want to enjoy a nice evening within a beautiful ambience. Porters English Pub tends to be an amazing place that one can enjoy the weekends. This pub is famed like an English styled restaurant having fancy wooden tables, dimly lit interiors, as well as cozy booths which are typical of English nightlife. You can enjoy live music here. You may even watch sports and enjoy delectable food as well as cocktails.

Siddharta Lounge By Buddha-bar

This bar is found on a rooftop having spectacular views. It is the most amazing place to relax and unwind. You can enjoy the sights of Abu Dhabi’s wonderful Yas Island. The lounge is beautifully designed upon Yas Bay Waterfront and gives a tapas-style menu present of Mediterranean flavors. You can enjoy some mouthwatering cocktails here.

Velocity Sports Bar

This is said to be one of the best bars in Abu Dhabi and is a sports bar. The place is all geared towards this game. There is a huge screen that displays the biggest matches. There are alcoved banquettes that are lined with TVs that show everything including handball, tennis, etc. Velocity tends to be wallpapered with the things.

This venue also posts a schedule online allowing one to find out if they are showing any match that you want to watch. The staff is responsive and fast to present themselves when needed and take your orders. There are many dirham-stretching deals. You can get the bar snacks as well. You can enjoy the Velocity fried chicken wings here, istanbul cappadocia antalya itinerary.

Hidden Bar

The Hidden Bar is popular for its happy hours. You can enjoy your time here when you are in Abu Dhabi. There are certain must-try items that encompass crispy calamari, lobster rolls, truffle fries, as well as chicken burritos.

On Wednesday nights ladies can enjoy themselves here where they will be able to get unlimited drinks whilst dancing to amazing tunes.


Those who wish to relax on Friday night with a delicious glass filled with a cocktail, can consider this bar. It is found upon the terrace of Aloft Abu Dhabi hotel. It is said to be in the list of famous pubs found in Abu Dhabi. You can enjoy a mystifying sunset here. The place is popular due to its sushi as well as exotic dishes that are present on the menu.

Up & Below

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful rooftops pubs in Abu Dhabi, consider this one. This bar is where one can soak in the enchanting view of the city. If you are looking for a good place where you can hang out and enjoy a refreshing time with loved ones, the lounge bar is the place to go.

At the bar you can enjoy special events such as DJ sessions as well as a rooftop party. This allows it to be a top crowd puller amongst those who are in Abu Dhabi.

Hoods Resto & Bar

Those who want to encounter an unusual bar experience within Abu Dhabi can visit this bar. The journey to Hoods starts outside the Villagio Hotel & Resort. Here one can walk through the front gate so as to enter the makeshift village street which is unique in the city.

There are some small storefronts upon the ground level that have stony facades as well as lush plants which give the image of a European street intermingled with a doll’s house. You will walk down the closed-off street and enter the bar.

The place has a restaurant on one side then the bar on the other. There are dark tables, chairs as well as floors that have floor lighting. It will seem like you have entered a cave.

The décor includes ornaments which give a quirky vibe. There is a huge TV present as well. It can be said to be one of the cheap bars in Abu Dhabi because the drinks are reasonably priced. There are bar snacks available as well. You will get attentive and friendly service here.

If you want to visit these bars or pubs you can get a visa to Abu Dhabi by checking out It is important to get the right visa to visit the country if you want to enjoy yourself here. Abu Dhabi is indeed amazing for someone who is looking for a mystical place to enjoy themselves. The city is breathtaking and many enjoy themselves here.

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