Cost Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

It’s quite common for people to drive under the influence of drugs/alcohol, get caught red-handed, and charged with a fine. Most people choose to pay the fine (even when they think they are being charged unfairly) as they think hiring a DUI Lawyer in Idaho would be expensive. However, in all sorts of such situations, it is always best to hire a DUI attorney.


To be honest, hiring a DUI lawyer and going through the whole process is not as expensive and tiring as you think. Have a hard time understanding what is just being said? Try asking someone who has hired a DUI lawyer. You should hire a DUI lawyer for a lot of reasons, but, most importantly, for the cost benefits. Want to know more?


Cost Benefits of DUI lawyer


Whenever you are charged with driving under influence you have an option to hire a DUI lawyer. He represents and defends you in court and tries negotiating on your behalf. If after hiring a lawyer you are proven to be innocent, there are no charges that you have to pay, or might be required to pay a reduced amount.


You do pay the fee of the DUI lawyer but find a way to escape a lot of charges as well. However, if you do otherwise, you will not only lose your chance of proving yourself and might even have to pay all of the below-mentioned charges.


  • Court fines
  • Court costs
  • Alcohol education rehabilitation course cost
  • Alcohol testing expense
  • Ignition interlock cost
  • Department of motor vehicle fee
  • Some other indirect costs



Court fines


When a person is found guilty of driving under influence, he has to pay a court fine that varies based on the severity of the crime. If the crime is more severe, the court fine would also be a lot, and vice versa.


Court costs


Since you become a part of the court’s administrative work, there are few court costs you have to pay.


Alcohol education rehabilitation course cost


The law binds the person to get alcohol education and rehabilitation courses. The cost of these courses is borne by the person who is found guilty of driving under influence.


Alcohol testing expense


Whenever you are caught red-handed, the court orders an alcohol test. It is usually done to monitor your alcohol use at the time the unfortunate event happens. The fee for the test is also paid by the person charged for DUI.


Ignition interlock cost


Most of the time, you are not allowed to go back to your routine life without getting an ignition interlock device. It is a device that does not allow you to start your vehicle when you have consumed alcohol.


Department of motor vehicle fee


The Department of Motor Vehicles also imposes civil fines on the person driving under DUI.


Some other indirect costs


There can be some other indirect costs as well. These costs are different for each person. The most common examples of indirect costs are jail time and job loss.





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