Documents required for Turkey visa from Pakistan

If you want to get the turkey visa for Pakistan then you are in the right place. Turkey is no doubt one of the biggest tourist spots in the world and this is all because of its beautiful culture, landmarks, food, and of course hospitality. Now if you are planning on applying for the turkey visa for Pakistani citizens then we would suggest you read this post. In this article, we have mentioned the documents that you need to have to get the visa!

What are the documents that you need to get a turkey visa for Pakistan?

An important point you need to understand is that there is no such thing as a turkey-free visa for Pakistani. You need to make sure that you pay the visa fee and also complete the document requirements. Below are some of the important documents you need to get the visa.

Passport with one blank visa page

One of the most important documents required to get a regular or turkey e visa for Pakistani citizens is the passport. If you want to get a turkey visa then you need to have a valid passport with at least one blank page for the visa stamp. If your passport expires in less than six months from the day you enter Turkey or if it doesn’t have any blank pages then your visa request would be denied!

Proof of sufficient funds

Another important document that you need to show is proof of funds for your stay. You need to show the embassy that you can cover your trip. You have to attach your banking statement and must have a minimum amount of 0.1 million in your account at the time of traveling to turkey. Only then can you get the turkey visa for Pakistan

Copy of flight bookings

Here you should know that you also need to attach a copy of your return flight bookings. You need to show the embassy proof of your travel bookings so that they can know around what time you would be visiting Turkey. This is an important document you need for a turkey visa for Pakistan. Now you don’t have to attach flight bookings if you are applying for an e visa. The turkey e visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are quite easier than the regular application.

Proof of hotel reservations

Another important document for getting a Turkey visa for Pakistan is the proof of hotel reservations. If you are planning on staying in a hotel then you need to attach a digital copy of the bookings. If you are invited by a close family member then you need to attach a letter of invitation.

Other than these there are some other requirements that you need to fill along with the application. Now know that the requirements for every type of visa are different. The turkey transit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are different from the regular ones!

An important thing you need to know is that you have to pay the visa fee in advance. The cost of turkey visa for Pakistani is around $50 which is non-refundable even if your visa request gets denied.

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