10 Dos and Don’ts of Making a Career Development Plan for Freshers in 2022

The first and most important thing to understand is that career development is not something you plan once. As more experience is gained and skills are advanced, your career plan can change directions. A rigid strategy obstructs growth and is impractical because life changes constantly. Your priorities and ambitions change with it. Therefore, a flexible career development plan can help you go a long way.

The employment industry is no different from life. In the past decade, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. The Digital Age is upon us and altered many of the core values and practices nurtured previously by companies. To succeed in this innovative, diverse, and creative work environment, newcomers must chart a course. A strong strategy can help you stay prepared for unseen challenges and risks. Here are ten effective tips on how to make a career development plan in 2022.


Update your resume

Resumes play an irreplaceable role in career development. They are the most important tool through which you can explore new opportunities. A resume designed according to the recent requirements of the industry will be immediately noticeable to recruiters.

Having professional writers from CustomCV UK handle the task can ensure your skills and achievements are prominently highlighted. This will increase your chances to progress in the market and find the position of your choice.


Reflect frequently on your career plan

Evaluate your career plan after every few months to mark your professional growth. Has your productivity level increased? If not, then what could be the cause of it? How can you further improve your performance and achieve satisfaction in your work? This assessment will help you decide whether you should continue on your current path or choose a better one.

Record your achievements

A boost of motivation is needed by all of us from time to time. Keeping track of the milestones you have achieved will inspire you to work harder and aim higher. It will also be immensely helpful when building your CV as you can include current and previous accomplishments without hassle. Create a separate document to list your successes through college as well. Anything from volunteering to academic projects is evidence of your potential in the relevant field.  Take help from CV Maker UK for further professional tips.

Develop your skillset

Learn about and explore the farthest limits in your area of expertise. It introduces you to new tools and techniques, refining your knowledge about your chosen career. Employers value candidates who are constantly seeking professional and individual development. Participate readily in training sessions or workshops arranged by your company. Even if you are not currently employed still take some time to explore these options to extend your skillset.

Research for better opportunities

It is a mistake to go for a role or particular field without researching about it beforehand. There are numerous career options out there but finding one that is perfectly suited to you is highly important. Or else it can be a difficult and unpleasant journey in the long run. Study about the career options you are considering and find out the possibilities they hold.

Ask other professionals about the pros and cons of the position. Your research does not have to be restricted to your current role. Discover other jobs and what they have to offer. You might pleasantly surprise yourself by finding out you can test your luck in something entirely different.


Stay within your comfort zone

Sticking only to the things and people you know will keep you from having new experiences. It will help you to broaden your perspective or explore further prospects. Instead of standing behind the sidelines, actively participate in current events.

Apply for roles that might seem unattainable. Speak to more experienced colleagues whom you find intimidating. Bring ideas to the forefront that have always been on your mind. There are many ways through which you can break through these self-created borders and tread fresh grounds.

Be negative

Negativity can overshadow every decision and action in your life. Without the right attitude, you cannot expect to traverse a difficult path and reach your goal. Your efforts might seem futile at times and the destination too far away to even think about. But with sheer willpower, you can change the outcome of impossible scenarios. Do not let doubts, the fear of failure, or hesitation stand in the way of your success.

Take too long to grab an opportunity

Procrastinating will cost you some wonderful opportunities. Grabbing the chance at the right time is vital on occasions. Being at the centre of what is happening will help you get noticed and create your presence. People will start reaching out to you if you are the one to bring solutions in the first place. Make the most of every moment when it comes to life and your career.

Be uncertain about what you want

Your goals must be crystal clear to you so you can understand how to achieve them. Do not set out on a path if you are unsure whether you want to explore it or not. Find a firm target and then navigate what will be your best plan of action. It will also help when employers and recruiters ask you about your future goals. Being vague about your ambitions will make you appear unprofessional and incompetent.

Act inflexible

Be open to experiences, knowledge, opinions, and ideas. Staying within certain parameters will affect your progress. An inflexible attitude discourages advancement or the adoption of new tools and strategies. A tolerant and generous point of view gives room to learning and listening to others. The enthusiasm to learn and listen allows you to widen your network. Hence, the chances of career development increase evermore.

We are sure these tips can help you incredibly when preparing to step into the job market. For a top-notch resume to pave your path, contact our Graduate CV Writing service. We excel in providing perfectly tailored CVs for any field you require.

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