Enchanting Trekking Venture to Dudhsagar Waterfalls


 Dudhsagar Waterfalls is the most view trek. Mondovi River flowing in the Western Ghats skirting between 2 countries creates a drop at virgin of Goabordering Karnataka. This is 4 tiered fall and water jumps from the height of 310 metres above ocean position and falls like ocean of Milk and hence the name Dudh Sagar. 




 Legend has Story about the cascade is that the beautiful queen who lived in the area close to the cascade used to take bath in the aqueducts of this falls and after completing it she used to drink the sweet milk in golden flagon and on one similar day after completing her bath she set up she was. Being watched by a Napoleon, Red with embarrassment at her shy bathing vesture, she poured the flagon of to water and entered the water to cover her body in It’s said that it’s that candied milk that cascades down the mountain pitch as Dudh sagar Falls to this day as a homage to the virtue of the queen. 




 Dudh sagar Falls lies 

Dudh sagar in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary having important wildlife in it and this falls is one of the world‘s most exquisite cascade. It lies grandly over in the Mondovi River’s milepost, during the thunderstorm season cascade are converted into one of the most important cascade in India. Dudh sagar Falls is listed as India’s fifth altitudinous cascade and is 227th in the world at 310mtrs. 




 We Organize jaunts to Dudh Sagar Falls regularly and this falls is at a distance of 550 kms from Bangalore and jaunts include Transportation from Bangalore to Bangalore inclusive of Camping/ Home stay lodgment with touring to Dudh Sagar Falls and campfire camping. 




 This journey is must do for all pedestrians nature suckers anyone interested in exploring nature due to the graphic surroundings this place poses at the morning and on the process takes you into its dream world of fantastic views and we head in to the shallow timber of Western Ghats to reach the guest house near the cascade maintained by Karnataka Forest Office. This place is girdled by Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary which is sneaked with Wildlife, if you’re a regular Mountaineer; the important thing to do first is take previous authorization from Forest Dept before going on a journey and be guided. 


 Trip Data 


 Difficulty position Easy/ Moderate 

 Approx Temperature Max 30 degrees C 

 Accommodation type Homestay 

 Food Basic Veg food 

 Transport Non A/ C( According to group size) 

 Distance from Bangalore 600 kms( one way) 

 Total touring distance 17 to 20 kms approx both side. 

 magnet The Dudhsagar Waterfall. 



 effects to carry 


 Rain fleece/ Wrap 

 2 ltr Water bottles 

 Energy food, dry fruits 

 particular drug 

 Sweater/ jackets for the night 

 Extra brace of clothes 

 Toiletry bag 

 Sports shoes or touring shoes in good condition 

 Flashlight/ Arsonist with redundant batteries 

 Track pants and cotton T- shirt 

 Camera( voluntary) 

 Moov spray, dettol result or swab to avoid moochers 


 Day 0 




 0700 PM launch from Bangalore. 




 Day 1 




 0730 AM Reach Campsite, Have breakfast 


 0900 AM launch Trek from Dudhsagar station to dudhsagar cascade top 


 0130 PM Reach Dudhsagar water fall top have packed lunch, Relax 


 0300 PM Reach dudhsagar water falls and spend some time 


 0630 PM back to campground and enjoy bonfire 


 0830PM Have regale( Basic veg food) 


 Accommodation in Homestay 




 Day 2 




 0700 AM Wake up 


 0900 AM Have BreakFast 


 0200 PM Have tone- patronized Lunch on the way back 


 1000 PM Reach Back to Bangalore 


 Volley Points 

 0700PM Silkboard Maduloka 

 0720PM Koramangala Sony World Signal 

 0730PM Domlur New Shanti Sagar Hotel 

 0745PM Trinity 

 0830PM Mekhri Circle 

 0845PM Yeshwantpur 

 0900PM Goraguntepalya 




 The Dudhsagar and Tambdi Surla Waterfall journey is a gorgeous adventure that takes you to the two of Goa’s most beautiful falls. Conducted over 4 days, you ’ll first embark on an alluring journey along rail tracks, islands and lush green foliage to reach the Dudhsagar Waterfall. At a high of 1015 bases, this cascade consists of four categories with water slinging down at an inconceivable force that makes it appear milky white. 


 After spending a night in a rustic sleepover, you ’ll trip to the mountainous innards of Goa through a forested journey route to visit the Tambdi Surla Waterfall and ancient Mahadev Temple. 


 Although both these falls prove to be a delight for anyone who sees them, what truly makes this adventure beautiful isn’t just its destinations, rather the trip that takes you to them. From evanescent timbers, you ’ll trip through a plethora of gorgeous geographies. Truly enriching – this trip offers a perfect escape for nature suckers and trip suckers. 


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