Extra Curricular Activities In International School in Malaysia

In any good and reputable international school in Malaysia, the overall educational experience for the children lies much beyond knowledge acquisition within the classroom. It is key that every child must gain sufficient opportunity within the boundaries of a classroom to further develop their character and pursue their interests.

Due to this feature, it is greatly important for well-established schools to have extracurricular activities installed in their curriculum. When a school has proper inclusion of extracurricular activities installed in its curriculum, it allows students of various ages, backgrounds, and interests to find an activity that is desirable to them.

Furthermore, the school fees of these international schools include the additional fee for extracurricular activities in their fee structure.

The overall fee structure is kept at an affordable state to make it convenient for the students to enroll themselves for these extracurricular activities.

Popular extracurricular activities presented at international schools in Malaysia are:

1. Soccer

Soccer is a great and fun extracurricular activity. Apart from that, there are several great benefits your child will experience at the start of playing soccer. Your child will experience emotional, physical, and mental well-being once they enroll in their soccer classes.

This will also make a small shift in the school fees, but it is at a reasonable boundary. This is done to make sure that most of the students can take up any extracurricular activity that they desire.

Oftentimes it has also been noticed that soccer as a game helps to increase the self-esteem of your kid, help them develop friendships, and improve their mood, focus, and their overall lifestyle.

2. Chess

Chess is a highly strategic game. This game will require quite some practice to master the art to play. For a young and developing mind such as your child, chess is great fun. It helps to increase the cognitive brain function of your child.

Furthermore, chess as a game also helps to teach your kids several keys, such as creative thinking, strategic planning, problem-solving capability, memorization skills, and pattern recognition.

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This game will also teach your child how to have great sportsmanship. It is also going to be a fun and unique experience for your child to learn and play this game. Unveil this opportunity for your child by enrolling them in an international school in Malaysia.

3. Karate

For young minds, it is quite easy to learn and grasp new ideas and techniques; therefore, this is a great time to introduce them to new activities such as karate. This is not just an extracurricular captivity that will teach them how to defend themselves or others in tight situations.

Karate as an art form will also push your kids in the direction of self-respect and respecting other individuals. This art form will allow your kids to grow both physically and mentally. There are several benefits that your child will gain once they are enrolled in karate as an extracurricular activity.

4. Tennis

Tennis is a great sport that will help your kids maintain their fitness, health, agility and their strength. It has been noted that tennis also has several social and psychological benefits for your child. Tennis as a game is not just played as a recreational activity, but it is a great form of tournament sport.

Therefore when you enroll your child in tennis as a co-curricular activity, you open a different path of opportunity for your child.

5. Basketball

Basketball as a game will teach your kids how to become great team players. Basketball is a game that is played as a group. Therefore meanwhile, when your kids are learning about this game, it will teach them how to coordinate with a group. 

There are several great benefits your kids will get to enjoy once they are put in for extra basketball class. It will be a fun and exciting experience for your kids. This is a game where the skills of your child will keep on increasing as they practice. This game will also open a wide range of opportunities for your kids in the future.

Impact of Extracurricular Activities on school fees:

If you look at any international school in Malaysia, they have a set fee structure for each extracurricular activity. All the range of different extracurricular activities is present at different school fees. However, most of the fee structure of the activities is kept within a reasonable rate to make sure that most of the students can afford a course of their choice.

Wrapping Up

Extracurricular activities are a great way to encourage your child to learn new skills in life. It is not just important for your child to gain educational knowledge, but it is important that they must learn other skills and techniques. The GIIS school has a broad range of extracurricular activities that are presented to all the students.

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