Few reasons why rat terriers make great family pets

What makes a Rat Terrier a good pet

Dogs for smaller homes, good with kids and low maintenance, Key takeaways on how to train a rat terrier, Low maintenance and entertaining pets, Rat Terriers are good running speed and practical small dogs and make good family pets, etc.

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Rat terriers are good dogs for anyone looking to have a pet. 18 years ago, I got my first rat terrier and was especially looking for a barking dog for security. The single mother living in the city, the rat terrier worked wonders as it would act as a sentry and warn me of intruders at nighttime.

My rat terrier cowered in the corner and cried when I laid her down. She was a little over three months old when I decided to get rid of my refrigerator. My lustrous little barker’s job is to alert me whenever people are close by.

My goal was to find a dog that was family-friendly and easy to train, but it’s important too that the dog is cheap in terms of food so I can spend less on food for my family.

A rat terrier is an ideal choice for you if you want a small dog that is effective at catching mice and rats. Rat terriers have always been good at getting rid of mice.

These dogs are housebroken and trained to be good companions for homes. They can also learn new commands, such as fetching a ball or learning tricks.

Rat terriers can interact for years with owners. They also remain playful their whole lives.

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The life and home of a rat terrier

Dogs need to have a crate for sleeping and sitting, as well as a mat or pad. Keep the dog’s crate in the same position and it will become a comfortable place for them.

It is important to feed your rat terrier twice a day and to make sure they always have enough water. Like humans, they need to drink lots of water on a daily basis. You should follow the instructions from your veterinarian or from the packaging of the dog food.

How to ensure that a rat terrier is healthy

It’s important to play with your rat terrier every day to get its social needs met. Tummy rubs or back scratches after a walk or playtime will make it feel appreciated and loved.

After waking up or coming out of their cage, take your dog outside on a leash. Right after taking them outside, they will be ready to go. This is a great way of training and healthcare the rat terrier to go outside because the dog will understand that this is the time to go. When you finish walking and playing with your dog shortly afterward, they will pee. Make sure you praise them and then give them love to reinforce this behavior!

Rat Terrier Toy Options

Rat terriers have a natural instinct to chew and they stay playful their whole lives. So provide toys for them as pups to help keep your furniture, carpeting, and other possessions safe. Providing toys for a pup will also help them learn to fetch later on in life.

I recommend getting toys that can last longer, like the ones made of metal. Metal toys are sturdy enough to withstand a heavy romping around from your rat terrier, and they’ll generally last a lot longer than the plush animal ones. Toys vary between 1 week and hours in durability.

All you need is a stretch of rope, knotted on each end, to have a great tug-of-war game with your dog. If you have more than one dog, they will entertain themselves by playing keep-away while they tug on the rope.

Finding a toy that lasts can be difficult, but the Kong Wubba has been an exceptional toy for me. It’s made of rubber balls and durable fabric and is great for large breeds as well as smaller breeds. With your investment of a few dollars, you can get years of entertainment from this toy.

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