Finding the Right No Win No Fee Solicitors for You

A no win no fee solicitors agreement (also known as a conditional fee arrangement) allows you to file a compensation claim with no financial risk and no upfront attorneys’ costs. You only pay if your no-win, no-fee claim is successful. If your lawsuit is lost, you will not be required to pay any legal expenses, either to your own or to your opponent’s counsel.

Working of A No-Fee Claim

Making a no win no fee claim often entails us purchasing an insurance policy on your behalf. If your claim is denied, you are fully protected by this insurance coverage. It also implies that you can seek compensation without having to pay anything upfront. You only pay anything if your no-win, no-fee claim is successful, and even then, your opponent will cover the majority of your legal expenses. Any outstanding charges are taken from your settlement. 

Which Personal Injury Claims Can You File With A No Win No Fee Agreement?

Accidents at work

Our group of solicitors handles workplace accidents. Accident at work claims encompasses all types of injury suffered by a claimant as a result of their employer failing to satisfy their commitment under the Health And Safety At Work Act 1974 to take all reasonable precautions to keep the workplace as safe as possible.

Road traffic accidents

Compensation can be obtained for injuries sustained in a car accident caused by a third party. Damages will be sought from the irresponsible driver who caused the collision (i.e. driving with windows obscured by frost, driving over the speed limit, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.) If the driver who caused the collision cannot be located and a claim is made against them, or if they were uninsured, the National Insurance Bureau will handle the matter. Alternatively, if the RTA was caused by poor road conditions, seek compensation from the entity in charge of maintaining the road where the accident occurred.

Medical negligence

Claims for medical negligence, often known as clinical negligence, can be filed against the NHS and any private medical staff. Healthcare providers are responsible for medical negligence claims if they, or their employees and doctors, can be demonstrated to have harmed the claimant by failing to meet the required standards of care or failing to follow protocol and procedures adequately.

Public liability

A person or business that owns or is in charge of a public place is responsible for ensuring that it is safe for the public to visit and use. If a member of the public is injured in an avoidable accident while in the area that might have been avoided if the property owner had taken greater precautions to maintain safety, the claimant can file a public responsibility claim against them to be compensated for their injuries. Our lawyer’s panel can handle public liability cases against nearly any type of business.

Is it Possible to File a No-Win, No-Fee Claim?

The majority of the personal injury claims we handle are compensated on a no-win, no-fee arrangement. In a free first consultation, we will evaluate your personal injury claim and advise you on whether we believe you have a case. We can then examine your claim’s funding alternatives. Most individuals will employ a no win no fee arrangement, however, you may already have legal protection (through legal costs insurance on your home/car insurance or membership in a trade union).

If your claim is denied, you will not be required to pay anything. We will not charge you, and your opponent’s legal expenses and costs will be covered by your insurance coverage.

Who Can File A No-Win, No-Fee Claim?

Anyone who has experienced health injury as a result of someone else’s carelessness may be able to file a no win no cost claim. Physical damage to their health might range from one that heals on its own within a few weeks, such as whiplash, to major ones that have life-changing consequences.

Claims might be filed for diseases incurred by the claimant, which could range from a case of food poisoning caused by dining at a certain restaurant to chronic illnesses that could significantly impair the claimant’s life expectancy, such as asbestosis. It is not just physical injury that might qualify someone to bring a compensation claim; mental health can also be grounded. Stress and anxiety caused by workplace pressure, harassment, or bullying, as well as post-traumatic stress caused by an accident or violent occurrence, may be grounds for a no win no fee claim.

Tips for Comparing No Win No Fee Solicitors

When comparing No Win No Fee solicitors, look for those that are most suited to your individual case. For example, if you were injured at work, you should seek the services of a data breach solicitor rather than a generalist.

While you may believe that you may only engage with your local solicitor, this is not the case. You can engage with solicitors from all throughout the nation. The finest No Win No Fee attorneys for you may not always be nearby.

We further advise you to seek the services of experienced solicitors, particularly for your specific sort of claim. Our group of solicitors has years of expertise assisting clients in claiming compensation and may be able to assist you. Get in contact with us today to learn more.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Every year, our personal injury lawyers handle hundreds of no-win, no-fee claims.

If you file a claim with us, we will give you free first assistance as part of our no-win, no-fee guarantee.

There are no additional fees.

You face no financial risk if you are unsuccessful.

We will do everything necessary to recover the highest amount of compensation available. We will work hard to make your legal fees as low as feasible by recovering as much as possible from your opponent.

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