Grand Island Goa Scuba Diving




The journey begins at the Sinquerim Boat Jetty. Your North Goa hotel will pick you up and drop you off to the Scuba Location. The scuba activity lasts for about 7-8 hours. You will dive with a welcoming and energetic team. They’ll descend with you at a minimum depth of 10 feet and a maximum depth of 30 feet. Prior to the dive, you will also receive 5–10 minutes of pool training and instruction on all the dos and don’ts in the water. Our instructors will guarantee a relaxing 20-minute dive in deep water.


Grand Island: Location

Standard Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Best Time: October through April


Highlights :


Dive for about 10-15 minutes while exploring the vibrant underwater world at Grande Island in Goa.

With your friends and loved ones, enjoy a hassle-free transfer from North Goa and a trip on a long-tail boat to Grand Island.

With the greatest qualified teacher who will make you feel safe, enjoy scuba diving at Grande Island at a depth of 10 feet to 30 feet.

Try out some water activities such as parasailing, banana riding, speed boat riding, bumper riding, and jet skiing while being supervised by a professional instructor.


Scuba diving at Grande Island :


Water sports like scuba diving at Grande Island are on the bucket lists of thrill seekers. You get the chance to engage with the colourful underwater species while participating in this water activity. You will feel exposed but liberated in the sea without your feet touching the land. The amazing sea creatures you come across as you travel further out into the ocean will mesmerise you. The seafloor is a treasure trove because of the stunning corals, priceless gemstones, and wholesome flora and wildlife.


All adrenaline junkies don’t need to go elsewhere since Goa can provide you with an unforgettable Scuba Diving experience that will stay in your memory forever.


Become wealthy by amassing memories of an unusual event, making you believe that the money you spent and the time you spent trying to master scuba diving were all worthwhile.

How to get to Goa :


  • By Air : You can fly into Panaji Airport and then hail a cab to the specified location.


  • By Road : Goa is easily accessible by car as it is well connected to all of the states to the south. The activity location is only a few kilometres away from Mapusa, which you can reach by taking a bus or driving to Goa.


  • By Train : You can take the train to Panaji, which is well connected to all of the country’s major towns, and then get a cab to the activity site.


An “Out-Of-The-World” Scuba Diving Experience :


To ensure your complete safety, the scuba diving will be performed with a companion. Tandem diving is the name of this kind of dive. Discover the stunning aquatic life below the surface, and feel your life change. View the variety of vibrant fish and corals that may be found underwater. The next event will involve parasailing, which will excite you to the core.  So join us as we take you on a speed boat ride through the exciting tides of Goa. A banana boat ride is another intriguing idea we have in store for you.


Scuba diving equipment :


  • You can breathe underwater without any difficulty by using an oxygen tank, which is filled with compressed air.


  • Face mask and snorkel—when the face mask is worn, it is possible to observe the underwater flora and wildlife clearly. This face mask will be given to you if you decide to snorkel. It’s employed for underwater vision. Breathing requires a snorkel.


  • Buoyancy control and regulator. 


  • With the exception of the wetsuit, all of these items are given by the location where you will be receiving your training. Your own swimsuit must be worn.


Tips to keep in mind :


  • Stay hydrated by consuming juices and water.


  • Bring your personal items, such as a comb, an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other items.


  • Avoid wearing or bringing valuable items.


  • Avoid littering and destroying the city’s and the sea’s cleanliness.




  • Swimming is not necessary to enjoy scuba diving.


  • Only 12-year-olds and older are permitted to dive.


  • Participants who have cardiac issues, have a fear of water, or are pregnant are expressly prohibited from participating.


  • Before boarding the journey back home, there must be a minimum 18-hour break for novices and a minimum 12-hour break for professionals


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