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Hamraaz Web is a management portal of the Indian Army for their soldiers. It is the latest portal for the Indian Army to manage their soldiers and provide the best services to their soldiers. Hamraaz Web portal is organized and managed by the administration. You must be an army soldier or officer to request its services. It is a well-managed and secure management portal. 

What is Hamraaz Web? 

Hamraaz Web is a portal for the Indian army to manage their soldiers and the services provided to them. Hamraaz Web Portal does not have all the authority and features of Indian Army management, because it is extremely sensitive information, so they only manage the basic information on the such portal. They complete their basic tasks, such as soldier information, status, pay lip service, posting, etc. 

Hamraaz Web Portal also decreases the distance between Soldiers and officers. They can contact each other through Hamraaz Web. It reduces time-wasting activities such as job posting. It will inform the soldiers quickly about posting and all other necessary information. 

What are the services of Hamraaz Web? 

Hamraaz Web is a useful portal if we use its services accordingly. You must know all the services before they use. The following are the services of Hamraaz Web: 

Pay Slip Service 

Earlier, Soldiers must wait for hours in line to get their pay slips. But now, they can get their pay slip in seconds directly from the Hamraaz Web application or mobile application. Hamraaz reduces the payment gap and increases the morale of their soldiers by building trust. 

Posting Status 

Your latest posting will be updated directly on the portal. Earlier, you must wait for weeks to get your latest posting. This could be a problem for emergencies as well. And sometimes the letter got damaged. There were a lot of problems regarding posting. But Soldiers can access the platform through their credentials and get the latest posting. 


Your rank will be updated on Hamraaz Web Portal. If you perform well and do your services, then your rank could be promoted. And your promotion will be displayed in your portal. 

Communication Gap 

Hamraaz Web Portal reduces the communication gap. Soldiers can interact with their seniors or administration easily. They can ask for some help or request aid. This communication is fast and efficient. 

What was the need for Hamraaz Web? 

A few years earlier, there were a lot of problems regarding communication and pay slip services. Soldiers do their duty, and they must wait for hours in line to get pay slips. The most important need of Hamraaz Web was to manage the pay slip of their forces.  

Along with the pay slip problem, there was also another problem with job posting and transfer details. You must wait for almost one week after the job posting or transfer. They send you the letter and you act accordingly. But with the help of Hamraaz Web, you get the latest information regarding job postings and transfers. It increases the efficiency of work for both soldiers and the administration. 

Who manages Hamraaz Web? 

Soldiers do not manage their accounts. The administration manages and has complete access to soldier accounts. They have a restriction of not sharing their login credentials. They do not have complete access to their accounts. The administration can ban their account in case of violation. They can restrict the users for certain services as well. 

Administration creates the Soldier account and manages them. Soldiers cannot account. The administration creates an account for soldiers and shares their login credentials with them. They keep an eye on their activities and have high-profile authority regarding misuse of accounts. 

Can I create my account on Hamraaz Web? 

No, Hamraaz Administration creates an account for soldiers. As you know, Hamraaz Web is an army management portal, it cannot be open to everyone. They must have some method of creating it with safety and security. Either anyone can create an account on Hamraaz’s Web and show himself as an Army Officer. That is why the Hamraaz administration has complete control and access to Hamraaz’s accounts. 

Who creates and manages Hamraaz Web? 

Hamraaz administration creates and manages Hamraaz Web Portal. If you are an army officer or soldier, then you must have your Hamraaz account. If you do not have one, then visit the admin office to initialize your account. If you are not an army officer, then you cannot have a Hamraaz Account.  

Once you get your Hamraaz account, then you are under the surveillance of the Hamraaz Administration. All your actions are viewed and reviewed by admin staff. If you commit any irregular or non-related activity, then you can be banned or get punishment. 

How to Sign Up for Hamraaz Web? 

If you are an army soldier, then you must visit the admin office to initialize your account. If you are not an Army Officer, then you cannot have your account. Only Admin staff can create an account for you. The Hamraaz Administration will create an account and provide you with Log in Credentials. 

How to Log in to Hamraaz Web? 

Once you get your login Credentials, then you are ready to log in to Hamraaz Web Portal. Get internet access and an official Hamraaz Web page. Click the Login Button and enter your credentials for Hamraaz Web Portal.  

What is Hamraaz Pay Slip Service? 

Army soldiers must wait for hours in line before Hamraaz Pay Slip Service. But now they can get a Pay Slip in a second and get paid easily. Earlier it was difficult to get Pay Slip. Now, you must log in to the Hamraaz Web portal. Once you logged in to Hamraaz Web Portal, now enter the password for your Pay Slip. Print the pay slip and get paid from the bank. 

What is the password of Hamraaz Pay Slip Service? 

The pay Slip password is different from Hamraaz Web Portal. The pay Slip password is an 8-Digit Number. This 8-Digit number consists of a Pan Card and date of birth. The first four-digit number is the same as Pan Card. The next four digits are the Day of your birth, and the last two digits are the month of your birth. So, the password of Hamraaz Pay Slip is PPPPDDMM (P – Pan Card, D – Day of Birth, M – Month of Birth). 


Hamraaz Web is a management platform for army officers to manage their soldier’s pay slips, basic information, and soldier status. It is highly secure and one of the best systems. You cannot create your account. Administration creates and manages the accounts very precisely. 


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