Plant-based BS! Half of Americans believe that a healthy lifestyle would make them miserable

NEW YORK — Nearly 50% of Americans say that following their ideal of a healthy lifestyle would eventually make them miserable (48%).

An online survey of 2,000 adults found that 49 percent believed sugar had a bad reputation and that they need to change certain aspects of their lives to make it healthier. Nearly all respondents wish this wasn’t true (89%). The results also revealed that many respondents still believe that healthy eating means eating foods that aren’t good for your body but taste great (59%) or eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (39%).

Respondents said that healthy lifestyles are defined as someone who is informed about their diet (43%) and exercises at least four times per week. 56 percent believe they must avoid sugar, while 64 percent say they do their best to keep sugar out of their lives to be healthy.

OnePoll for ONE Brand also found that while 68 percent believed they knew what should be on a healthy plate of food, many people failed to recognize the difference when putting their knowledge to the test.

Failing to pass the “healthy plate” test

The average person believes that a healthy plate contains 27 percent protein, 19% grains, 17% fruits, 17% vegetables, and 10 percent of fats.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, however, a “healthy” standard plate should contain 20 percent protein, 30% grains, 30% vegetables, 30 percent fruits and healthy oils. Moderation is recommended. A majority of poll respondents didn’t know that nutritional requirements vary by body type (42%) and gender (40%), respectively (34%).

Although 58 percent of respondents believe they eat a greater variety of food types than average, 63% admit that they could eat more vegetables and a lesser amount of protein.

Eric Clawson, general manager of ONE, stated that everyone’s nutritional needs are different, making it challenging to meet your goals. You can easily set and achieve your dreams by learning more about your body’s needs.

Unique places to find sugar

The average person insists they consume less than 16g of sugar daily. However, the American Heart Association has shown that the average person consumes around 77g daily. This is more than the 25-36-gram recommended.

Nearly half (47%) of respondents said they didn’t know the difference between natural sugars and processed sugars. People know that fruit like bananas (67%) and apples (63%%) contain natural sugars, but they are most likely to confuse greens like celery (39%), lettuce (39%), or cucumber (38%) as not containing any sugar.

Nearly seven out of 10 respondents said that they don’t think twice about sugar content when choosing which fruits and vegetables to eat (68%)

Although 56 percent of respondents say they are more likely to reach out for sweet treats or candy than fruit, the same percentage would rather eat more fruits and veggies if possible.

It doesn’t have to be challenging to eat healthy foods. Clawson says that many great-tasting, healthier-for-you foods are available at grocery and convenience stores all across the country to satisfy any craving. It’s crucial to establish your personal nutritional needs and learn about ways to achieve them without compromising on the things you love.


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