Helping Your Child Learn Online: A Parental Guide

Long before enrolling their child in a school for formal education, parents begin educating their children at home. In today’s time, education is accessible with just a tap, hence making it easier for parents to help and engage more in their child’s education. Thanks to online teaching!

A child needs parental help in every step of their learning process. The parent’s role demanded may vary depending on the child’s age. Even though the current generation is more tech-inclined, they do not come equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate apps, tools, and software. With most of the online learning happening through an online teaching app, a child will require assistance to comprehend its operations and functions. Consequently, it is your duty as a parent to assist your child in doing so.

There are many ways in which you can help your child in their online learning process. Here are a few tips:

  • Teach Them the Fundamentals of Technology and the Tools Used

It is better for your child’s online learning experience if you teach them the fundamentals of computers. When a teacher uses online instruction, there are some elements that the students should be aware of as well.

Teach them the basics such as how to turn on a computer, how to operate the learning app, how to create, convert and sent documents, etc.

  • Keep Distraction Away

Distraction is a natural human tendency. When it comes to children, even a beep sound can divert them, making it very difficult to get their attention again. Additionally, kids are bound to become sidetracked if the instructor or the subject matter is not as engaging as it should be.

Make a quiet study space for them in the house to prevent interruptions. Encourage kids to ask questions in class as well so they can stay on task. You can encourage your children to ask questions by encouraging them to report back to you after each one, including the teacher’s response. Additionally, you will be able to monitor what they are learning if you do it this way.

  • Engage With Them

Engage with your child as much as you can. Take updates about what was taught in the class, help them with their homework and show interest in their education. 

Your participation not only helps them learn faster but also makes them confident. They will know whom to reach out to when they need help. It also instils motivation.

  • Track Their Progress

You should keep track of your child’s performance. Since self-study is important when learning online, you should monitor your child’s development to ascertain whether they are actually learning anything.

You can take their tests at home to check their progress. Apart from this, also keep in touch with their teachers and loop yourself in the activities that are happening in the class.

Final Thoughts

A child always looks up to their parents. When you engage in their online learning process, their performance gets better. 


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