Here’s how you can use Indian spice in cooking

The aroma of freshly roasted spices evolves throughout the cooking process. Most people consider that Indian foods are spicy, but it is essential to experience the meticulous flavor of the unique spices. From fragrance to fire, spices can add many flavors to the dish.

There are several Indian spices belonging to specific regions, and every spice has an incredible flavor that can elevate the food taste effortlessly. As you learn about the great spices, you will know how masalas add delicious flavor and fragrance to cuisine. 

Moreover, there are several health benefits to many spices. In this article, you will learn about them and how to use them for cooking well. Knowing the seasonings is the first step to buying the best in the market.


Turmeric is a nitty-gritty in most Indian food and has various health benefits. The bright yellow color of the spice elevates the dish’s color, and a pinch of turmeric is more than enough to transform the food. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be increased by adding black pepper.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds can be a great choice if they are used after frying in oil. When you fry them, it takes only a few seconds to get burned and ensure they don’t get burned in the frying process. In India, people use cumin powder to increase the food flavor, which is also the main ingredient of the garam masala mix.


Coriander seeds, aka cilantro, are yet another spice that provides a unique aroma to the dishes. Though it is a whole spice, the seeds are ground into a fine powder and can be used in various cuisines.

Black Cardamom

Black cardamom is one of the essential spices on the list, and this spice’s aroma is exotic, making them a desirable ingredient for several dishes. Though there are several Indian spices in the market, black cardamom has been a favorite spice in the kitchen as its fragrance lures people’s taste buds.


When it comes to fenugreek, you will experience a bitter taste in the spice. However, the health benefits this spice incorporates are enormous. The leaves have an exceptional aroma, but the bitterness is less. This is one of the essential Indian spices, as the flavors are considered authentic smell.

Cooking with aromatic spices

The rich aromatic flavor of the spices should be subtle in any dish, and it is essential to maintain balance in your cooking. If you add them to the recipe, keeping a few things in mind is critical.

As a beginner, you can try simple recipes that involve fewer spices. The complexity of adding them to the dish will diminish when you practice for a considerable amount of time. Until then, you can try easy recipes and check whether you can work with the dry spices well.

It is crucial to stock spices in your kitchen. If you buy whole spices, you can grind them as per the dish’s requirements. Also, ensure you add these at the right time.

Wrapping up

Spices used in Indian food is tasty and healthy, so you can add them to many home-cooked dishes. If you are cooking with them for the first time, it is crucial to have quality items in the kitchen. 

Not all stores offer authentic spices, and poor-quality spices can diminish the taste or flavor of your dish. Ensure that you locate a good online or offline store to purchase premium spices at cost-effective rates. 


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