How I Succeeded On The NCLEX-RN By Answering The Fewest Questions Possible

A lot of the best advice that Uworld Nursing students may get while studying for their forthcoming NCLEX® examinations comes from Uworld Nursing students who have been there and done that. When it comes to testing accomplishment, Logan’s narrative is a fantastic example of a look behind the curtain. Here’s her account of how she aced the NCLEX-RN® with the fewest possible questions, as told to her.

I was enrolled in an ADN RN program as a full-time Uworld Nursing student. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse because I like helping people.

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Challenges That Many Nursing Students Face

During my time in high school, my grades were generally mediocre to above-average. The NCLEX-style questions are one of the toughest challenges that many Uworld Nursing students face; I know I did! I was overjoyed when I received my nursing degree. However, it was now time to prepare for the NCLEX exam.

Uworld Nursing was suggested to me by a number of my classmates. In addition to watching the video training, I read online reviews and searched YouTube for suggestions to get a better sense of how I felt about it. I’m very happy I went with Uworld Nursing as my study resource!

The self-assessment is included in the 60-day RN package that I bought. For approximately a month and a half, I worked through every question in the QBank. However, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t finish all of the questions in the allotted time.

My Favorite Aspects Of Uworld Were Its Features, Such As:

  • Make flashcards of the questions so that you may revisit them at a later time.
  • Everything you might expect to see on the NCLEX exam is include on these questions, including SATA (questions where it can be one answer or all).
  • The explanations! It was a pleasure to read and understand.
  • There is an option to see how many people got it right and how long it took you to answer the questions.
  • There is no difference in structure between this exam and the NCLEX.

How I Prepared For The NCLEX-RN And Got Through It With The Fewest Number Of Incorrect Answers:

75–225 questions were answer each day. In a binder, I rewrote all of my erroneous questions, along with my explanations and the category to which they belonged.

NCLEX subjects are randomly selected, therefore I took my examinations in the instructor mode so I could review my answers by using Uworld Discount Code Black Friday. We never learned about these issues in school, and Uworld Nursing explained it to me before my exam in a manner that made sense to me.

Using the flashcard tool, I created a set of flashcards based on the wrong questions I had asked. My flashcards also incorporate the images provided by Uworld Nursing, which are quite useful.

That the Uworld Nursing practice exams and questions follow the same style as the NCLEX is a huge plus in my opinion. As a result, I was at peace when it came time to take the exam.

I had a week till my exam, so I sat down to do the self-assessment. I had completed all 2000+ questions. I decided to do the self-assessment when I did because I wanted to know what to review if I didn’t perform well. I woke up early, ate a hearty meal, and acted as if I were taking the NCLEX. With a score of 76th percentile, I had an excellent chance of passing the NCLEX and passed on my first attempt! I would study the rationales I revised in my binder up to my test day to prepare for my test at Market Business Watch.

Here Are A Few More General Study Tips:

Don’t forget to treat yourself now and then! Relax your mind and body. Stimulus Check 2022 Update

Relax the day before your exam and avoid studying.

My quiz banks yielded scores ranging from 54 to 69. Don’t worry too much about your grades, but rather how well you’re performing on the questions and how well you understand the material.

I, like with many others, believed that Uworld Nursing was more difficult than the NCLEX. As a result, you’ll be more prepared for the NCLEX, and you’ll have a better handle on the difficulty level of the questions. Finally, Uworld Nursing gave me the confidence I needed to tackle NCLEX-style problems!

All the best to all of you aspiring nurses out there! Yes, you can do this! And thank you, Uworld Nursing, for making this possible. With or without your fantastic assistance, I would not have passed the NCLEX on my first attempt!

You, too, can have a tale like Logan’s about passing an exam. There are several resources out there that may help you prepare for an impending NCLEX exam. To ensure that you succeed on your first attempt, Uworld Nursing is the industry leader in NCLEX preparation.

You’ll be well-prepare for your test with the help of our online study resources. For test success, we’ll provide you with NCLEX-style questions, complete rationales, and exact performance monitoring. To learn more about why students choose us for NCLEX preparation, please click here.

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