How is a food chopper different from a food processor?

Nowadays, everyone is inclined towards efficiency in every aspect of their lives. No matter where you are, people are looking to minimize the steps to make their tasks more efficient and quick to save valuable time and add a layer of convenience to their lives. That is why modern kitchen appliances have become a part of every household. 

When cooking and prepping for a meal, there are various tasks that one needs to accomplish. While cooking is delightful, prepping the veggies, meat and other such ingredients might not be the most fun idea of cooking. Also, these are time-consuming. So, using a food processor and chopper helps efficiently handle these tasks without boring you and making you feel tired in the kitchen. However, you might get confused between various kitchen appliances. For example, you may not know the difference between food chopper and processor 

Here are some aspects you need to know before choosing the right appliances for your kitchen. 

Food processor

Many dishes require certain ingredients in a very small-sized, finely chopped cut and texture. Cutting the vegetables to such a fine piece would take a lot of time and sometimes be impossible by hand. 

You can chop vegetables down to bits with a button. A food processor is an electronic device, wherein, there are multiple blades inside its jar that rotate fast to cut the vegetables and meat. The speed of the blades determines how finely the vegetables can be chopped. The best part about using it is that your hands will never come in contact with the sharp blades, and you can easily cut the ingredients without discomfort. 

Not only are they used for chopping and grating ingredients, but they can be used to make purees and salad dressings

There are commonly three types – batch bowl, continuous, and multi-functional. Amongst all the types, a continuous food processor is considered the most heavy-duty one as it can process large quantities simultaneously. So, buy this one only if you cook for large gatherings or run a restaurant. Otherwise, a batch bowl or a multi-functional device would do the job for you. 

Food Chopper

They are a simple device that does not involve electricity, and all you have to do is pass the vegetables and other ingredients through the structured blades of the machine. Depending upon your usage, you can buy wedges, slicers, dicers, fry cutters, specialized and high-grade electric choppers. 

The blades are designed so that a pull or push will force the items through the blade and dice them. Many have a bowl beneath to catch all the ingredients that are being processed. 

The best part about using choppers is that they deliver consistent results. Every food item that you would cut will be of the same size. In other words, you will have uniformly diced veggies such as cucumber, lemons, onions, and much more. However, you can not use them like a processor because this equipment cannot grate the food to turn it into a puree or help you mix two types of ingredients. 

Knowing the difference between a food chopper and a processor will help you pick the best one for your household. It is advised that for a home, you should not buy the most heavy-duty or industrial-grade device. Buy simple, effective, and easy-to-clean kitchen appliances so that it is easier for you to maintain them. 


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