How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost In Penrith?

Are you looking to give your couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture in Penrith a thorough cleaning? Are you wondering how much upholstery cleaning costs In Penrith? The good news is that getting your upholstery cleaned by professionals won’t break the bank! When it comes to getting your upholstery cleaned and sanitized, whether it’s one sofa or an entire houseful of furniture, we’re equipped to handle all of your upholstery cleaning Penrith needs.

Costs of upholstery cleaning in Penrith

You would be amazed at just how expensive it can be to get a professional to clean your upholstery. A good local cleaner will charge you in excess of $150 per visit. But if you decide to clean your own furniture, there is a cheaper way! Just order some Do It Yourself homecare products. They are very easy to use and will save you money in more ways than one!

Why use professional services when you can DIY?

A lot of people think that because it is something they can do themselves, they would be better off doing it themselves. This is not necessarily true, especially in regard to having your upholstered furniture cleaned. Not only will you likely ruin any value your furniture has left, but you could potentially hurt yourself in the process. For example, steam cleaners use high temperatures when operating.

5 tips for DIY upholstery cleaning

Most homes have a couple of pieces of furniture that are used daily. Often these pieces are made from fabric and require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. Cleaning fabric, especially upholstered furniture, can seem difficult, but with proper care, it needn’t be. If you’d rather not hire a professional for your sofas, armchairs, or lounges, here’s how you can clean your own upholstery at home.

  1. Vacuum regularly: Before you begin any kind of upholstery cleaning, make sure your piece is free of dust and dirt. A quick vacuum will remove loose particles, which will help prevent stains when you clean later on. Make sure to use an attachment designed specifically for vacuuming fabrics—it should have soft bristles designed to pick up dust without damaging delicate material.
  2. Use upholstery shampoo: Upholstery shampoo is specifically formulated to clean different types of fabric. To find out what type of shampoo you’ll need, check the tag on your sofa or chair. For example, leather requires special care because it’s very absorbent and easily damaged by water; if you don’t know what type of material you’re working with, test an inconspicuous area first before proceeding with full-scale cleaning.
  3. Mix upholstery shampoo with warm water: You can buy pre-mixed upholstery shampoo, but most brands recommend mixing their product with warm water instead. This dilutes it enough to ensure you won’t damage your furniture while still ensuring you get enough suds to break down dirt and grime.
  4. Apply shampoo using a sponge or cloth: After mixing, apply the mixture using either a sponge (great for large surfaces) or cloth (better for detailed areas). Work in small circles until all spots are covered thoroughly.
  5. Let sit for several minutes: Once you’ve applied your mixture, let it sit for several minutes before wiping away excess liquid with a dry towel or cloth.

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