How to Choose a Sound System for Your UTV/ATV

Having adventures and thrilling experiences is a surefire way to get adrenaline pumping through your veins and boost your mental health. But, why stop after buying an ATV or UTV?

Among owners of off-road four-wheelers, customizing is incredibly popular. Whether it’s about getting great graphics for the sides, getting a new kit, or installing the perfect sound system. After all, every vehicle needs a good sound system.

Since your four-wheeler is open, you need a great sound system that can offer an incredible experience even with the strong winds and the sound of the engine roaring. To help you pick the right one, here are a few things you should consider when buying a sound system for your UTV or ATV.

Types of Sound Equipment for Your UTV/ATV

Getting a sound system for your four-wheeler involves getting several components. Simply having speakers might not do the job because certain pieces are sold as separate components and you may have to build a custom sound system.

A receiver is the main unit for your audio system. It will take the sound from your input, usually a phone, and take it to the output, a speaker. Depending on your budget, you can buy a receiver with all sorts of capabilities to have a great listening experience.

While usually people get regular speakers, you might want to look into a UTV sound bar system. Sound bars are sleek and long speakers, usually with more power and capabilities. With sound bars, you may not even need a receiver or control unit.

Finally, you can also get an entire sound system, with all the components, for your ATV or UTV. However, these can be expensive and most people prefer to buy individual components so they can customize and get the best equipment.

What to Look For In a Sound System?

When you’re buying any audio equipment for your four-wheeler, you should look out for a few things. Some of which are the following.


The first and most important feature, any audio equipment you purchase for your vehicle needs to be weatherproof. Otherwise, you might end up with a useless piece of tech on your first ride.

Since ATVs and UTVs are outdoor vehicles, you need to purchase sound equipment made specifically for these vehicles. The sound system made for these four-wheelers needs to withstand water, sunlight, dirt, and other elements. Make sure your sound system is resistant to all types of things, not just the usual waterproof.


The connectivity is important because that determines whether you need to get a receiver or if you can just connect it directly from your phone. Sometimes you may need to get a USB cable or an aux cable, and other times you might just directly be able to use Bluetooth. If you want to connect it to a receiver, make sure it supports that as well.


Since ATVs and UTVs don’t really have much space, you need to make sure you can install the sound system you are thinking of purchasing for your vehicle. Different sound systems are designed to be mounted on different areas of your vehicle.

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