How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Colors: 5 Tips

Picking a color scheme is a way to make your wedding uniquely yours. No matter what size budget you’re working with, a cohesive color arrangement shows that a lot of thought and detail has been put into making your day magnificent.

However, narrowing down the perfect hues is easier said than done.

Which is why we’ve put together these 5 tips to help you with the selection process, so you can get to the real fun of seeing the colors come to life in the blooms you choose, and the other fun elements of your decor.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Work With Your Aesthetic

Picking (or narrowing down) the type of wedding you’re going for helps with the color selection process. Traditionally, wedding colors are a maximum of three colors, one of the colors being a neutral white or metallic.


Each aesthetic has a color pallet associated with it. Country themes work great with bold primary colors, such as reds and yellows. Burnt orange, sage green, and gold compliments a rustic theme perfectly. Are you a fan of the bohemian aesthetic? Neutral earth tones  like beige, terra cotta, and grays bring that look to life.

2. Work With What You Have

If you’re getting married outdoors, there will already be a lot of green or beige, depending on the environment where you’re tying the knot.


Indoors, there may be dark brown finishes and creamy white walls.


Make sure that the colors you choose don’t match the color of the venue or environment you’ll be celebrating in, or else they may get swallowed up in the background.

Of course, it’s fine to include little touches of a similar color to tie it all together, but the idea with colors is to have them pop.

3. How Are You Feeling?

Colors are associated with feeling. Vibrant bright tones are synonymous with joy, power, and energy. Dark red is commonly used to signify passion, and soft pastels are gentle and romantic. Deep blues and greens are stately and sophisticated.

What feeling do you want to inspire?

What vibe are you going for?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Think about this, and it should help you get a better idea of which colors you can use as a catalyst to achieve the mood you’re hoping to evoke.

4. There’s Inspiration Everywhere

The world is colorful, and ever changing. Look out the window at different times of the day, and the same object will appear a different shade of its original color.


A fun way to get some major inspo is to look for something you already need, such as bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps the color and cut of some of them on the Bella Bridesmaid website may be exactly what you’re looking for; with so many styles and shades to choose from, you’re bound to wind up with the ideal one.

Paint swatches are another way to delve into the world of color. Head to a home improvement store, and in the paint section you’ll see more colors and shades than you ever knew existed.

Using swatches is an excellent way to get an idea of how different colors work together as well.

Nature is another great place to draw color inspiration from. If you love specific regions, sunrise or sunsets, think of the colors that are involved. What are your favorites, and why?

5. Mix and Match

Maybe you have one color that you love dearly, that you know you’re going to include because it’s been your color forever.

Play around with it: what other colors go well with it? What other colors make it pop? If you’re really going for a statement, monochromatic looks can be pretty powerful. Pick three shades of your favorite color.

Or, if you shy away from color and prefer the minimalist look, a black and white, or all white theme always looks sharp and sophisticated.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing this, no right or wrong colors. It’s fine to be influenced by trends, but if you pick something that feels right and authentic to you, you’ll probably be much happier revisiting the pictures of your big day throughout the years.


Now comes the fun part! Once you’ve picked your color scheme, you’re free to go out and get all the décor, the lovely details like flowers and bridesmaid dress colors.

Color makes our lives vibrant, rich, and beautiful. Color adds depth; draws us in. There are no “wrong” colors. With this in mind, you’re free to choose the ones you love.

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