How to dry hair without blow dryer

If you’re tired of having to blow dry your hair every time it gets wet, there are a few ways to get around that. Firstly, try how to dry hair without blow dryer low setting instead of high one. This will help reduce the heat used and speed up the drying process. Secondly, use a towel to help absorb water from your hair instead of letting it run down your face in drips – this way

How to Dry Your Hair Without a Blow Dryer | in the Shower

1. Molded to Dry

Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so make a point to profound condition routinely. It will assist your hair with rising to towel drying and whatever styling devices you’ll utilize.

The silicone in conditioner goes about as a defensive layer for your hair and fingernail skin and works hard of repulsing water. This will help your hair dry much speedier and keep it frizz-and harm free simultaneously.

Tip: Cleanser is intended for the scalp, and conditioner is intended for the midriff to your tips. Allowing conditioner to contact your scalp will prompt an oily head of hair and more cleanser days.

2. Shake It Off

On the off chance that you love to sing in the shower, cap the exhibition with a generous dance number. Flip your hair over your head and shake! This is a delicate and successful method for eliminating however much water as could be expected without stressing your delicate locks. The most effective method to Dry Your Hair Without a Blow Dryer.

3. Start With Your Underlying foundations

This region might require somewhat a greater amount of your consideration while drying. Because of the volume at the foundations of your hair, it comes into less contact with air.

Assuming that you’ve at any point asked why your tips continue to get clammy after you just dried them, I could have a response! While towel drying your hair, pat your foundations first to keep drops from tumbling to the finishes of your hair. The roots are the last piece of your hair to dry, taking them on first will help your lower segments dry quickly.

4. Utilize a Microfiber Towel

Towel drying is everybody’s go-to strategy for drying hair, however, I’m miserable to report that it’s not the most ideal way. Cotton towels are brutal on your strands and may cause frizz, and more awful, hair harm. Fortunately, it’s by all accounts not the only way!

If you demand towel drying, utilize a microfiber towel! A microfiber towel is a gentler texture than cotton, will retain significantly more water, and result in considerably less harm. Part your hair and smudge it in segments until it’s not dribbling wet.

5. Utilize Your Dirty Shirt

Try not to throw your shirt in the clothing yet, style a turban out of it! Wavy-haired delights, this strategy is for you. This will dry your entire head of hair without rubbing, leaving you with agreeable and sans-frizz twists.

Apply a leave-in conditioner or a twist styler on your sodden locks, this is to guarantee that your hair gets dry to a lovely completion. Flip your hair over your head, slip your head through the neck opening, and bunch it at the top. Leave the improvised turban on for 20 minutes and do your skincare routine while pausing.

6. Utilize a Microfiber Hair Brush

Put resources into a hairbrush with bristles ok for wet hair and outfitted with microfiber fillings. It will delicately smooth and wipe the water off your hair, ideal for when you’re in a hurry and need a clean do.

7. Finger Brush

Start at the tips of your hair, eliminating tangles and liberating your strands individually. Move gradually up and abstain from pulling and pulling at your hair instead of constraining your hair directly from the roots descending. If you start from your foundations, you’ll experience more knots and compound them as you force your direction down.

Work on some items in the meantime, the smoothed and tricky surface will help you detangle your braids and support simultaneously.

8. Wide-Toothed Brush

Keep a wide-toothed brushed shower and apply a profound moulding cover. This will assist you with applying conditioner uniformly and slackening your knot at the same time. You’ll see that your braids are delicate and without tangle while you’re washing them off!

The wide holes between the teeth of the brush will guarantee you’re not pulling at your strands excessively, handling tangles gradually. Utilize a similar brush to apply a leave-in item after towel drying or shaking. Assuming that you’ll utilize this brush on dry hair, ensure your hair is 30% dry in any event!


Now that your hair is perfect and somewhat clammy, now is the ideal time to apply your leave-in item. We have a couple of choices for you here, as well. Take your pick from the underneath, because of the last look you’re expecting to accomplish.

To get regular waves – spritz on the L’Oréal Paris Progressed Haircut AIR DRY IT Wave Cleared Shower. This adaptable control hair shower makes normal-looking waves and surfaces, with next to no intensity harm.

It additionally assists hair with opposing frizz. The last look here will be regular, easy-looking waves. To utilize, essentially spritz onto sodden hair, working in areas. For added wave, scrunch the finishes of your hair utilizing your hands, then just allowed it to dry!

To get normal twists – apply the L’Oréal Paris Progressed Haircut Bend IT Versatile Twist Mousse. With a dependable hold and a delicate vibe, this lightweight froth hair mousse adds hello definition to any twist. To utilize, first shake the can well, then, at that point, hold it topsy turvy and apportion it into your palm.

Then, at that point, apply it to perfect, soggy hair, trying to circulate the item from your foundations the whole way to your finishes. You can concentrate more items at the roots for an added lift! Scrunch tenderly to style, then finish air drying normally.

To get a normal surface –  utilize a modest quantity of the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Exhausted Hair Clay. Whether you have normally straight or wavy strands or in the middle between, this grease will assist with making a full, regular-looking surface. It likewise offers hold without causing hair to feel hard — win, win! To utilize, begin with a dime-sized measure of clay and rub it between your palms. Work it through your hair and shape, then let your hair dry all alone.

Proofreader’s note – Another pleasant choice, particularly for those with normally straighter strands who want more wave, is to mesh your sodden hair after you apply some item. Then, at that point, let your hair dry completely while it’s in the twist. When it’s totally dry, take out your plait and partake in your new ‘do!

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