How to Find a Parking Space in Busy LA Areas

Currently, the population of the Los Angeles metro area stands at over 12 million. While the city is big, its popularity makes it look like it can’t keep up with the population.

The City of LA is the county seat of Los Angeles County. It is world-famous for its beautiful and mild climate, which makes it a natural home for entertainment.

Hollywood, the center of the United States entertainment industry, is in LA. You can probably guess just how many people visit the place to see famous sites and landmarks. It’s a lot.

Basically, all of the things that make Los Angeles attractive also make it a very busy city.

As busy as the city is, it has even busier neighborhoods such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, etc.

Due to the population and the crazy amount of vehicles on the roads, LA experiences some of the worst traffic snarls in the country. It’s not surprising, considering California leads the country in traffic accidents and is also one of the most dangerous states to drive in besides Texas.

As you can see, the traffic problem also makes finding a parking space a disaster, especially in busy areas. 

That makes getting around in a car a nightmare, which simply adds to the risk of getting into an accident.

Anyway, make sure you’re properly covered when driving in LA because it’s easy to get into a crash, which often results in a legal dispute.

Let’s help you find a parking space in busy LA areas and avoid issues that come with cruising around looking for somewhere to park.

   1. Be the Early Bird

Sometimes the solution to parking problems is arriving early.

We all follow a pretty similar pattern, meaning we have established work hours, rush hours, etc.

If you can wake up early before the world is also up and about, you’ll enjoy many options. 

You may also tailor your errands to coincide with after-hours because then people aren’t occupying parking spots for long. Most people are usually more concerned with getting home in the evening. Commercial loan truerate services

   2. Find Quick-Stop Places

Driving around a mall parking lot or looking for parking garages may not yield much in busy areas. You may end up making fruitless trips that waste even more time.

If you have a feeling that parking spaces are scarce, start looking for places where people stop only for a short time. Street stores are usually a safe bet as people don’t stay for long. 

Drive with a few stores in mind, and you’ll most likely find someone pulling out.

   3. Go to the Back

Crowded parking lots aren’t necessarily full, even in the busiest areas of LA. It takes observation to realize that many people aren’t patient enough to look further than where they can see.

Almost everyone wants to park nearest to the entrance, and when the closest spaces to the entrance are all taken, many will move on. 

Take advantage of people’s mindsets and always drive all the way to the furthest reach of the parking lot just to be sure. Most likely, you’ll find a space or lots of it.

   4. Use Apps

If the tricks we’ve mentioned so far don’t seem to work, take advantage of technology. Apps are available that can assist you in finding parking spaces in your area. Most of these are super precise, and you’ll see what space is left and where.

These amazing apps will help you find parking space in LA:


This is a fairly reliable app that can find parking spaces in real time where you are. You don’t just find parking spots, you can also reserve them.

The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot is a top parking app that uses Google Maps to locate spots near you. You can also reserve spots and pay for them days ahead, that is if the parking lot accepts reservations.


Like The Parking Spot, ParkWhiz lists locations with empty spots across all major cities. It’s not the best, but it’s reliable.

Parkopedia Parking

This is a popular parking app that often has lots of results at any time. It may not show the available spots, but it shows the probability of finding a spot in listed lots.


This is a crowd-sourcing parking app like Parkopedia Parking, but it offers much more than showing available parking spaces. You can locate your car and even avoid street cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Finding a parking spot is one of the challenges of living in a big city like Los Angeles. You’ll often have a hard time, but our tips can help improve your chances of finding available spots, even in busy areas.

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