How to Increase Your Spotify Followers to Promote Your Music?

When you possess the ability to arrange notes in melodies, the talent must not go wasted. Many people, smart enough to get it done, Get Spotify Followers are now fetching the social platforms and getting the appreciation they deserve in the form of likes, followers, and plays. But when it comes to music promotion, they may feel it is an uphill task to promote their notes precisely and rapidly. The situation is not alarming, however. You can efficiently promote your Spotify music and get

more followers if you put your efforts where they are needed the most. Here are a few strategies you can adopt in order to enhance the frequency with which you are currently getting likes, followers, and music promotions on your Spotify account. So read on.

1. Try a Pre-Save Strategy

The best strategy to promote your music by a follower’s chain is by running a pre-save on your about-to-release tracks. You can set a pre-save on the tracks before releasing them. Just announce the release date and offer people the option to get a pre-saved. When you successfully get your music saved in the playlists of people, there are chances that they may follow you. When it happens, the chain of promotion starts, as these people will definitely be going to share your tracks too.

2. Claim your Profile as Artist

Claiming your Spotify profile for an artist entails many benefits. You can get your account verified in the form of a blue tick displayed just beside the tag of your profile. It helps people to trust you and they believe that you have got something they may follow. Furthermore, the artist account has got special tools through which you can enhance the quality of your bio and the track you upload. You can get access to a great bunch of tools by your artist's account which helps you get more followers on Spotify.

3. Promote your Music through Emails

Email promotion is something new and you must know a bit more about it before making a move. Try to embed the best of your track in the email and provide people with an option through which they can access your Spotify account, in the form of a safe link or a button. Target the community to whom you want to send the email. Your email must be compelling enough to make people follow you. Once followed your music is ultimately promoted and proliferated more.

4. Make Playlists and Share

Orderliness is compelling. If you are creating and uploading your tracks bluntly on your Spotify account, you are not presenting yourself precisely. When your tracks are arranged in the playlist, it will be easier for people to trust you and then they will go on in order to listen to your tracks. Being impressed by a quick outlook, they may even follow your account. So try to arrange your songs in playlists. You can further promote your tracks on other networks by sharing the link to the playlists you have made. So instead of reaching only one song, people will get access to the whole bunch.

5. Use “Follow to Unlock” Option

The possibility of holding Spotify tracks for a while can be found in several online tools. You can attract people to your account, then limits the access. Make them follow your account first in order to get access to the music they want to hear, something you can call the “Follow to Unlock” option. In this way, people follow your account, get access to the track and thus pave way for the promotion of your music.


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