How to Make a Perfect Resume? A Comprehensive Guide

As a professional resume writer, I get asked a lot: “How would I make my perfect resume?”. Well, today’s the day I answer that question with a comprehensive step-by-step beginner’s guide to resume writing using myself as an example. 

Find out how to make your resume by following the lead of my perfect resume and learning what goes into the basics of resume writing. We will also go over how to use simple tools such as a basic resume template and an online resume builder to make the process as easy as pie.

Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Resume Format

There are 3 universally resume formats 

  • Reverse-Chronological 
  • Functional 
  • Combination or Hybrid 

With my years of resume writing, for my perfect resume, I would pick the Reverse-Chronological Resume format. This allows me to emphasize my extensive work history and allows me to add the most relevant aforementioned work history in a way that I know will impress the HR Manager for the desired job.

The Functional and Combination resume format will not suffice for my perfect resume as they are mostly used to cloud a lack of work history.

However, if you’re a recent graduate or someone who lacks relative work history for the desired job then these resume formats work best. 

Contact Information

This should go without saying but it’s amazing how many candidates forget to add their contact information on their resumes. They spend all this time designing and adding content yet they never get callbacks because there’s nothing an employer can do to reach them.

In my perfect resume, the contact information takes the top spot and will include my full name, phone number, address, email, and LinkedIn profile.  

All this information will be bold and I might just increase the size of the font a bit to make sure the text is readable and there aren’t any mistakes.

Resume Summary 

My Perfect resume summary would include the most noteworthy of my achievements. For example “Wrote journalistic articles for renowned publications like NY Times, WSJ, etc.” 

This is to pique the HR Manager’s interest as this will indicate that with me they aren’t just getting a run-of-the-mill content writer. On the contrary, they will be getting an expert in the field who knows the ins and outs of the business.

Work Experience 

My work experience will only contain the most relevant content to the job. If the job that I’m going for is looking for someone who can hammer out well-written content in volume, I would list my experience as a Blogger and if the job requires journalism I will only mention my journalistic work. 


My perfect resume’s skills section will contain a mixture of hard and soft skills but in differentiated sections, of course. 

In the hard skills section, I will most likely be listing skills that make me able to do the job ie 75 words/minute typing speed, Knowledge of SEO content writing, etc. 

In the soft skills sections, I’ll be sharing instances where my personality-based skills and how helped me to achieve some goals. For example, “Ability to work in teams allowed me to create a 40-page expose on Coco Cola’s quality control standards”.

Proof Reading 

Last but not least even though, I have been a resume writer for a few years now, I will always double-check my work after the first draft. There is no loss of pride in saying that I’m not perfect and making my perfect resume might take me a couple of tries to get it just right.

Basic Resume Template

A basic resume template, as the name suggests is just the basic outline of a resume that a user can fill in according to their desired content and have a targeted resume ready in minutes. 

A basic resume template is a great tool for resume writers. A simple enough tool that is useful for both newbie and professional resume writers, a basic resume template is essential when it comes to basic resume building.

Pros of using a Basic Resume Template:

  • Make multiple targeted resumes fast 
  • Anyone can use 
  • Results are always up to standards 

Cons of using a Basic Resume Template: 

  • Limited design options 
  • The result is always the same, visually 
  • File formatting options are limited
  • Content has to be created from scratch

Online Resume Builder

Another tool beginner resume writers can use is an online resume builder. An online resume builder is simply an automated compiler that asks for some information from you and then guides you section by section of your resume and the end gives you a great-looking product i.e resume. 

An online resume builder is the easiest tool to use in resume building as it not only gives you a great product but guides you in making your resume perfect.

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