How To Make Tasty French Fries at Home?

Who does not want to eat French fries? Everybody loves to eat them. You need to pay several bucks when you buy them in a restaurant. Do you know you can easily make those French fries at home? In this blog, we will talk about the recipe for making French fries. Read the full write-up to know how to cook fries.

Those who don’t know how to cook can easily make this recipe. They can also get the best online recipe book for help. Follow the steps to make delicious French fries in your home. Let’s start with the process.

  1. Peel The Potatoes And Cut Them

If you want to make French fries, first take some potatoes. Peel them carefully and cut them into small pieces. Make pieces like French fries. You can make the size you want. During the slicing, make sure to cut them in the same thickness. The same width would make them look great.

  1. Clean Them And Soak Some Water

When you have cut those potatoes, clean and rinse them properly; after the cutting process, you should soak water in those cutting potato pieces. Make sure to dip those potatoes in water for thirty to forty minutes. After keeping them in water, make sure to get them out.

  1. Make Them Dry Sometimes

After soaking water, make those potatoes dry for some time. You can rinse them again if you want. Make sure to keep those potatoes in a dry wrapper. You should dry them properly before starting the next procedure.

  1. Fry Softly

As we finish the basic preparation, it is time to fry those potatoes. Get some vegetable oil in a pan. Use lower to medium flames for heating. When the pan is heated, add potato pieces to the pan. Make sure to fry potatoes softly.

Don’t fry them too much. The colour will start changing off the gas nob in just a few minutes. Keep those potatoes out of the pan and dry them with napkin paper. You can buy cookbooks to learn more about different recipes.

  1. Time For A Second Fry

It is time for the second fry if your potatoes are already dry. This time use medium to high flames for frying. High temperature is essential for making French fries crisp. A temperature of over eighty degrees will be fine. Toss those potatoes properly in oil. Your potatoes will change their colour completely when it is ready. Turn off the gas and get them out.

  1. Add Spices

Your French fries are almost done. Soak the extra oil with tissue paper. Now it is time for serving. You can add salt and other spices according to your choice. Herbs are also great for French fries. Toss them well so that the spices spread well. Serve them with hot coffee or hot chocolate, and enjoy.

We have discussed all the stages of cooking French fries. Check for online recipes or recipe books to learn how to cook other items.

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