How to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?

Channelizing your marketing strategies is the key factor of having successful business. Measuring digital marketing is absolutely an important thing while running marketing campaign. If you are not kept on checking and monitoring your marketing performance. You are throwing your investment straight in to the bin. Marketing effectiveness is an evaluation of how the outcome of business growth is. Before and after impacts on business, determines the success ratio of different marketing campaigns. As we all know, influence of social media is quite impressive over trading and sales. However, Social media marketing is rapidly growing globally. Similarly, Social media marketing in Dubai are in high demand as well.
How to measure the Digital marketing performance?

Is digital marketing worth it?

To get to know about effectiveness of digital marketing, you must follow some important steps to determine the results. Digital development enhances the whole perspective of business and sales. But this would not benefit the brand without a proper assessment and quantification of marketing. Let us discuss few matrices to measure the performance of digital marketing:

  1. Target potential Audience:
    While marketing your business, product, or service. The first and foremost important thing is to determine the targeted market segment and audience. If you want to target companies, you have to choose a particular industry. And if people are on your target, then determine the age, gender, and category as well. You can gather the required information from sources like google analytics or Facebook insights. And then borderline your marketing campaign as per the obtained data.

2.      Record the overall site Traffic:

Examine your site before and after the digital marketing. This will give you more accurate and clearer picture of website report. Have you seen any change or lift up of your website during the course of action? You can get the information through google analytics. They describe the roadmap of all organic traffic and the exact source it comes from.

3.      Regular or new traffic:

It is based upon the goal of your campaign that what you want from it. You want new traffic or returning traffic through the marketing. To know the estimated value, check the analytics of new traffic. And then design a campaign in a way so that people keep on coming back.

  1. Bounce Rate:
    If you want to know the performance of your digital marketing. then kept on checking the bounce rate of your website. This will let you know the number of people who just get into your web link. But bounce back without checking out other pages of your web. This might because of your site is too heavy to load. Irrelevant information as per the search. Or they sacred of the error your website has.
  2. Conversion rates:
    This is one of the most important steps to analyze the performance of digital marketing. This will tell you the number of visitors who perform any action on your site. And they found your content, business, or service useful. Exactly, related to the searched query.
  3. Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing


You can measure your site performance before and after the digital marketing quite easily. To get actual insights you need to perform above mentioned steps. This is not a rocket science to find out exact figures and growth. As now you know, that measuring the performance is an essential step towards successful marketing strategies. For any help regarding Social media marketing in UAE, reach out us anytime. We would love to serve you with the best possible service in most affordable rates. We work on digital marketing campaigns that definitely brings fruitful results.

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