How to Pick Up Tablets for AutoCAD

Tablets have been an absolute godsend to just about anyone irrespective of their individual field. From the avid journalist to the passionate teacher to even the learned engineer and stressed-out college student, through their compact yet powerful design, they truly make lives easier. Likewise, when it comes to tablets for AutoCAD-related work, it stands as no unique exception to this positive trend.

So, whether you’re a budding architect, civil engineer, mathematician, or anything similar, a tablet should be high on your radar. You’ll be able to make quick work of whatever project you’re dealing with via AutoCAD with the aid of a good tablet irrespective of whether you’re working in your office, at your work site, or even mid-air on a long-haul flight! Better yet, with the range of accessories available for tablets in the form of pens and keyboards, it truly has never been easier to adapt the tablet to your own personal preferences.

On this note, to help you navigate your way through the admittedly dense forest of tablets. We’ve collected and reviewed what we think is the most appropriate device for all your AutoCAD needs.

A Buyer’s Guide to Tablets for AutoCAD


Now, storage honestly shouldn’t be a huge issue given how upgrades are both affordable and effortless by way of cloud technology. That being said, if you’re moving around from place to place without access to the internet, it does make sense to opt for a tablet that provides ample space, especially since AutoCAD projects can take up quite a significant amount of storage. All options on our list should provide you with this with the Google Nexus 9 being. The sole exception so keeps this in mind before you make a purchase.

Battery Life

A good tablet is one that can both do what you want and last for as long as your work takes you. Now while most AutoCAD users will be working in the comfort of their office. Where power sockets are easily in reach, having a solid battery life. Will be a lifesaver on the off chance you require to travel. 10-hours should be an ideal minimum regardless of what tablet you get which all options on our list will provide.

Tablets for AutoCAD Screen Size

Nowhere is screen size more important than for AutoCAD users. It is only with a sufficient screen that you’ll be able to work and appreciate. The finest and most minute details of whatever project you’re working on. That being said, some people prefer to work with smaller screens as. That offers a little more control when it comes to drawing. But this is a highly personal preference that you should consider before making any purchase.


If you’re set on getting a tablet for and only for AutoCAD. This shouldn’t apply to you as something like a drawing tablet (e.g. the Wacom) will work great for you. However, if you plan on doing all sorts of other things with your tablet from watching Netflix during your downtime to playing around with video and photo editing, a more versatile device like the iPad should be seriously considered.

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