How to Restore Deleted Reddit Comments

Reddit is an online news aggregator, content rating platform and discussion forum. Users submit articles for voting; higher-voted submissions appear towards the top of their subreddit and may eventually make it onto Reddit’s front page.

When you delete a post or comment, it will be marked as deleted both on your profile and thread pages, but its content still exists indefinitely. There are tools available that help preserve deleted posts and comments.


Reddit is an online news aggregation and discussion forum where registered users submit links and text posts, which are then up or down voted and organized into community boards called reddits. Any posts receiving enough upvotes become more visible within their communities, with potential posts making their way onto Reddit’s front page eventually. With over 430 million monthly active users worldwide, this platform boasts of some lively discussion.

Steve Huffman launched Reddit as an online hub for people to share interesting articles and information, providing users with up-to-date news and trends, but some of its content can be controversial or offensive. Furthermore, users tend to be very protective of their subreddits and communities – leading some high profile cases of purported Reddit trolls being banned or their accounts terminated.

Reddit generally abides by an editorial moderation policy; however, some content may slip past. There are several subreddits dedicated to sexual and violent content which has raised some concerns that this material could reach children. As a result, Reddit has taken steps to better moderate their site and eliminate some subreddits where this type of content resides.

But despite these measures, some Reddit posts and comments still contain inappropriate or offensive material that should be reported directly to Reddit. Parents should make their children aware of potential dangers associated with Internet interactions as well as remind them to use caution when posting or commenting online.

Reddit comments may have been deleted for many different reasons, including being inappropriate for the subreddit in which they appeared, being spam or not adhering to Reddit’s terms of service. Reddit’s spam filter detects and deletes posts which violate these rules; when content is marked as deleted by Reddit and marked “delete”, but its original location still exists on their profile page.

Wayback Machine

Most societies place great value in preserving artifacts that document their culture and heritage, with The Internet Archive serving as a non-profit organization taking this idea one step further by compiling an archive of all web content (including deleted posts on Reddit) as well as offering ways to search specific topics or keywords.

The Wayback Machine uses snapshots to archive web pages, making it possible to travel back in time and view deleted Reddit posts as they were when first published. With its ever-expanding database of archived posts, finding older content becomes increasingly simple – although its drawback may include taking too long to locate specific comments you want or not being able to recover deleted Reddit comments that were removed quickly.

Google Cached Links website and select “Cached.” Finally, click on the post’s link to access its cached version. Another popular way of viewing deleted Reddit comments is Google Cached Links website and selecting the option “Cached.” To use this method effectively. To begin using it you must visit the URL of a deleted post, copy its address, visit Google Cached Links website again with this information, and copy again its link address before finally viewing its cached version by clicking it.

It can be difficult to differentiate between moderator deletions and accidental ones when searching this way, and waiting for pages to load. Furthermore, this approach may only show cached versions of pages; sometimes none contain text or images, so other approaches should be pursued instead.

Google Cache

Google’s Wayback Machine web archiving service may help restore deleted Reddit comments. Google revisits websites at various intervals and saves snapshots to its database each time – this enables users to move back in time and view deleted posts as long as the URL of their Reddit site has been properly cleaned up.

However, this method is far from foolproof; it requires considerable work to successfully locate your content. Furthermore, this approach only works if the website you’re accessing has been archived by Wayback Machine; otherwise you must explore alternative strategies, such as those detailed below.

Ceddit is an efficient way to quickly locate deleted Reddit comments. This free third-party website can restore most types of deleted posts; however, some automatically moderated comments may remain beyond its grasp.

Resavr is another powerful tool, enabling users to recover deleted comments or threads. Although less potency than Unddit or Rareddit, Resavr can still prove useful if other options have proven ineffective.

To use this website, paste the Reddit URL of a post or comment you wish to revive into the search box, select an available date from the calendar on page, and click “Go.” Your resultant snapshots of the website will then appear here.

Chances are the deleted Reddit comment you want to access will still be archived in Google cache before being permanently deleted from its server.

Use Chrome’s web-caching feature as the third and final approach. By installing an extension plugin, this feature enables it in your browser and stores websites for viewing later – not only making deleted Reddit comments easier to access later but also protecting important information from being lost forever. However, this method won’t be as efficient; therefore combining it with other tools may be better.

Archived Posts

Reddit users may have experienced threads or comments being deleted without notice, which can be quite disheartening if it had high upvotes and entertainment value. Luckily, there are third-party archiving tools that allow Reddit users to recover deleted posts and comments; though these methods may not always work and some content may never return entirely; but chances are strong that your desired thread or comment exists somewhere archived somewhere.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to view deleted Reddit content is via the Wayback Machine, an archive website which saves snapshots of web pages at different dates and allows you to go back in time and see what was on each one at that point in time. To use it, copy and paste the URL for the deleted Reddit post or comment you wish to access into its search bar on Wayback Machine before selecting an appropriate date from its calendar.

Google Cache may also provide an effective method of recovering deleted Reddit posts; since Reddit is such a popular site, its pages are frequently crawled. A tool known as Raredit allows users to search deleted Reddit posts and comments directly. Unfortunately, however, this approach may take more time for recovery of content than any other approach.

Rar Eddit and Reveddit offer another way of accessing content deleted by moderators on Reddit; third-party websites like Rar Eddit and Reveddit make this content available again, making them useful for recovering threads with high upvotes or deleted by moderators because they violated Reddit rules.

There’s nothing worse than discovering that an engaging thread has been removed without explanation from Reddit, but thankfully there are tools that can help restore deleted Reddit content.

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Over the past weeks, users of Reddit have expressed confusion at an inexplicable sequence of numbers: 2131953663 which seems to appear on comments removed by moderators – leading them to speculate and debate over its meaning and origins.

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