How to Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that employs cryptographic encryption to secure its ownership, protect the integrity of transactions, and restrict the creation of extra units, preventing someone from producing copies. A digital version of these coins exists instead of a physical one. And investors now trade them with impressive trading robots. More on the Bitcoin robots to follow in this guide. However, you can find a list of all Bitcoin Robots on reputable sources like BitConnect.

How are cryptocurrencies used?

Even though their operation is entirely digital, cryptocurrencies perform the functions of a traditional currency. As such, you may use them to acquire goods and services in the same way as any other form of payment. Even while its use has grown and is now more common in the major e-commerce platforms, there is no financial agency to regulate it. Despite this, an increasing number of firms are accepting these digital assets and promoting their use.

How can cryptocurrency be acquired?

You can get cryptos by buying or exchanging the currency in specialized portals. Remember that cryptocurrencies are sophisticated digital assets that may not be suited for persons without sufficient expertise. Also, note that their price involves a high speculative component that can even lead to the complete loss of the money spent to buy the cryptocurrencies. The process of buying or selling these Cryptos is “trading” and can sometimes mean crypto investment.

There are two ways you can trade these digital assets. You can manually or automatically use it in the cryptocurrency market. Manual trading involves investors doing all the tedious tasks of searching, gathering, sorting, and cleaning data for an informed decision. Few prospects enter the industry because of the need to be precise in all analyses. However, with the advancement in technology comes a new way to automate all trading processes. And it got accepted by all old and new traders in the crypto market. The new means of acquiring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is via crypto robots, also known as automated trading systems.

How do they work?

Crypto bots are automated programs that evaluate data, anticipate risk, and purchase and sell assets according to their estimations. They keep up with market activities and enter trades when particular market conditions are satisfied. Most bitcoin trading bots operate by establishing a direct connection with a cryptocurrency exchange. After the bot has successfully connected to a crypto exchange, it monitors the market and waits for specific events or price changes. Once an event is detected, it will either send you a signal to take action or, based on the rules you set, it will make a choice and do the needed action (buy/sell) on its initiative. Some bots can even consider historical data to create more accurate judgments.

How to trade crypto using Bitcoin bots

This fantastic model of trading is available when you take the following steps.

Do adequate research and choose an ideal robot.

Take your time to go over the internet, find dependable reviews, and check out the best crypto robot you can find. An excellent place to visit is BitConnect. It has a comprehensive stack of accurate information on the best-automated systems that yield significant profits.

Register for an account

Once you have selected your best trading, navigate its web page and locate the official signup page to register an account with your basic details.

Verify the account

After registration, you should verify your account by following the link sent to your email address. Ensure you signed up with a working email.

Fund the Account

After the account is verified, select any available payment options on the platform and deposit. This minimum initial deposit is usually  $250 for most simple automated systems. It makes trading affordable for everyone.

Take your time in the demo section.

Before making a deposit, most trading platforms have a demo section readily available to their users. It helps them practice trading activities without posing any risk to the invested money. Some auto traders require that users make the first payment before the demo section becomes available.

Start trading

The deposit of a trading amount initiates the live trading account for use. However, experts recommend using the demo section before this account. When you feel well-equipped to trade without fear, you can start making money with your minimum deposit.

Withdraw profits regularly

This last step is more like instruction and recommendation. Always withdraw your profits, even if you plan to return a portion of it into the investment.

Advantage of crypto robots over manual trading

  1. It provides constant online trading security
  2. Consistent gains from the volatile market
  3. Access to a fully automated trading system to make trading seamless
  4. Little or no trading knowledge required
  5. Efficiently prevents known market risks
  6. Regular system updates
  7. Fast trading system

Tips to get started

If you want to enjoy trading or using an automated trading platform, you need to take note of the following tips seriously

1. Start Small

The Crypto market can be very enticing and might make you feel like getting started immediately with a massive amount of investment. However, always remember that the prudent way is the safest. Start trading with a small investment and ensure it is something you can lose and not break.

2. Choose a reliable software

Even the best traders need help in this age, and the best means of support is via a reliable trading app. Seek to get genuine trading software to trade automatically or aid your manual trading.

3. Research the Market

Yes, it is unnecessary to know much about trading and the market. However, it is to your advantage to research the market alongside the bot.

4. Decide on a Trading Strategy

Develop and stick to one trading strategy. Avoid the temptation of jumping from one trading tactic to another. It can significantly impede your trading progress in the event of an unfavorable market movement.

5. Be Strict With Profit Targets and Stop-Loss Orders

Do not be swayed while trading. Always stick to conditions you set for your trading not.

6. Diversify With Different Cryptocurrencies

Never put all your investments in a single currency. Spread your investments over different currency pairs to ensure you can avoid devastating loss on a single currency.

7. Get a Handle on Your Emotions

Always be in control of your emotions. Never enter or leave a trade emotionally because it is often not logical and can return as a whole or partial loss of money.


This guide highlighted many important aspects of trading that will make you successful. It would be best to follow them all. Remember that a good trading tactic without a sound trading system drastically reduces profits while trading cryptocurrency.

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