How to Wear Flare Jeans: The Complete Guide to Styling Flare Jeans

Flared jeans are back, but this time they come in a huge variety of styles to match all of our favorite looks. Flares are easy for women of all sizes and shapes to wear, too. And the amount of flare can be used to make plus-size and skinny women and girls look their best.

In the 1960s, hippies liked to wear jeans with big bell-shaped bottoms. By the 1970s, these jeans had been toned down to a more streamlined, “flared” shape that worked well with trousers and formal suits for both men and women. But since there are so many different fashion tribes now, let’s start by looking at all the different ways flared jeans can be worn.

High waists and different lengths

The shape and size of the flare on the new styles vary a lot, and the new lengths, like three-quarter and seven-eighths, are very trendy. But most popular styles should be long enough to cover your shoes, which makes your legs look longer. The best part is that high-waisted jeans are back, which is great news for all women.

A high waist can do wonders because it draws attention to your waist and hides a big stomach. Low-waist jeans really only look good on slim women, but high-waist clothes make everyone look better.

2. Best flare jeans for plus sizes

If you have a pear-shaped body and curvy hips, you’ll look great in your new flared jeans. Look for styles with a flare that starts in the middle of your thigh. This will perfectly balance your shape. Also, try on some jeans that get wider at the knee to see how they look on you. And if you wear high heels with high-waisted flares jeans, your whole body will look longer and your hips will look smaller.

Women who are short should stay away from the much wider bell-bottom jeans because they make you look short and wide, which is not a good look at all. This year, loose-fitting jeans are very popular, so flares are often cut looser than they used to be.

3. Different flare jeans styles

The two main differences are where the flared part starts and where it ends. This can be at the hip or the knee, and it changes a lot how your body looks when you wear them. But there’s also the “wide-cut” jean, which has a full flare that starts at the waist. Full flare jeans have legs that are very wide and start to get wider right at the waist. They are roomy and comfortable, and women of all sizes can wear them. You can get this style in both cropped and full-length jeans.

Stretch Mid-Rise Flare Jean

Hip flares are the most authentic shape and one of the most popular and trendy options, especially since they tend to slim wide hips. Knee flares fit like regular jeans around the waist and hips, but they start to flare out at the knee and look more like the original style of bell-bottom jeans.

4. Different kinds of flared jeans

Cropped culottes/flares end at the shin, and the flare can be small or big.
Retro flares that look like the original flared jeans from the 1970s have a high waist, a flare that starts at the hips, and a wide flare that goes all the way down to the shoes.
Skinny flares are tight jeans with a flare at the bottom that starts just above the ankle.
Asymmetric flares are very trendy. The bottom edge is often uneven or textured, and they are short enough to show off the shoes.

5. Colors that look good on flared jeans

Jeans with a signature high rise and extreme flare. From ice blue to indigo, all of the classic blue-jeans colors are stylish. This season, there are also a lot of new and interesting color effects made with broken and faded color patterns. In the fall and winter, white, gray, and black flared jeans look great with trendy jackets, coats, and boots.

And designer fashion collections are making flares in a new range of soft colors like romantic dusky pink, mustard, fresh mint green, and bright colors like lively red. During the warmer months, these will be the most popular colors for flared jeans, along with orange, burgundy, purple, pink, and khaki. With a white top or shirt, you’ll look simple and on-trend.

6. Flared jeans have different textures and end fringes.

Flared jeans won’t have rips or cuts because it’s time to leave rips behind and try a new style. But flared jeans have always had their own unique ways to decorate, like bottoms with raw edges, inserts of flowery “granny print” fabric to make the flares wider, and square patches of fabric that you sew on yourself.

Some jeans don’t have zips on the “flies.” Instead, they have laces. But the new jeans will have a “less is more” vibe. After years of diamond-studded and overly decorated jeans, minimalism is becoming popular. Some of the things that can be used to decorate right now are:

7. How to dress up flared jeans

You can choose tops, vests, sweaters, and shirts that fit closely or ones that don’t. It all depends on your body type, but the good news is that tight and oversized clothes are in style this year.

Plus-size women can look great in long tops and narrow belts, which will give them an hourglass shape that is balanced by flared legs.

With your new flared jeans, it’s easy to look sporty. You can tuck in football shirts, shirts, and T-shirts and then pull them out to make a blouson effect that will draw attention to your waist. Or wear a crop top of any kind.

If you add a smart jacket or formal blouse, you can wear flared jeans to work as a semi-formal business outfit. With your flared jeans or pants and a girly blouse or crop top, it’s easy to put together cute looks. Denim suits are stylish and classy. Even if you’re not short, wearing one color will make your body look longer. Sweaters always look good with flared jeans, but this season, the trendiest thing to wear is an oversized sweater.

8. Sweaters and coats

You can wear flared jeans with any kind of outerwear, but they look especially cool with all kinds of leather jackets and suede for a young look. You can make your own style by mixing and matching fancy cardigans, ponchos, and trendy capes. Flares look great with quilted and down jackets, raincoats, classic overcoats, and sheepskin coats. And the new multicolored faux-fur coats and fur jackets will make great, stylish outfits.

Also, you can wear a short dress over your jeans and under a jacket, sweater, or coat, following the trend of wearing summer clothes as layers in cooler weather.

9.What kind of shoes should I wear with flare jeans?

To make a real style identity, you should make sure your shoes go with the outfit you’re trying to put together. Flared jeans are great because they can be worn with almost any shoe, whether it has a heel or not.

Match your shoes to your fashion style, such as classic, punk, tribal, sporty, cute, Boho, or glam. But there are also some shoes that shouldn’t be worn with flared jeans.

10. Wear wedges or heels that are thick.

Flares don’t look good on short women, so it’s best to wear chunky heels to give yourself some height and keep the flared part from making you look shorter. To make your legs look longer, wear your jeans long enough that they cover the front of your shoes and part of the heel.

But, for your safety, don’t wear thin heels or stilettos with flared jeans. Thin heels often get caught in the hem or fabric of flares, causing the wearer to fall forward onto the ground. Also, don’t wear winkle-picker shoes with long noses, rhinestones, or other fancy details. They clash with the chic look of flared jeans. Flares make simple shoe styles look better.

11. Platform shoes & espadrilles

If you wear full-length flare jeans, the real 1970s look is to wear platforms or wedge espadrilles. And platforms look great because they make your legs look longer, which makes you look taller. Plus, they are easy to put on and take off.

12. Sneakers

Flares have never been associated with a sporty look, so fashion photographers didn’t wear training shoes with flared jeans. I agree that they don’t look right, but since most people find trainers to be the most comfortable shoes for everyday wear, sports shoes have won.

So, if you want to wear trainers with your flares, try to cover them up with a longer leg length. Try not to wear training shoes that are too big and flashy. Instead, wear sneakers that are simple and match the color of your jeans or flared pants.

13. Shoes with flat bottoms

Most classic flat-soled shoes, like loafers, oxfords, and flat-soled boots, look better than training shoes and are just as comfortable. And this kind of semi-formal shoe is becoming more and more popular as a big change in fashion is coming.

14. Ankle boots and long boots

In the fall and winter, flare jeans look good with any kind of boots. It doesn’t matter if they are flat or have heels or are engineer’s boots. And they look great with cropped flares as well!

15. The good things about wearing flare jeans

Jeans have been a big part of our fashion for decades, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the many new styles of flare jeans and pants that are coming out this year. These things are coming with them:

The flattering hip flare that gives curvy women a great “hour-glass” figure. The blouson style tucked-in shirt/blouse that makes your waist look a lot slimmer. The oversized sweaters that hide a lot of little flaws. A cool way to wear the clothes you already have, or if you want, an excuse to buy all new clothes.
So, unlike some styles that only look good on a small number of women, flared jeans will make all of us feel and look our best.

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