Instagram Photo Downloader

1. What’s Instagram Post Downloader?

Instagram downloader is a service created specifically for downloading Instagram images. You can use it to download high-resolution pictures to the storage of your smartphone from any open Instagram account. It is useful and cost-free.

2. How to download Instagram photo?

By only requiring three steps to save a photograph, our Instagram picture downloader saves you time.

  • Copy the link from an Instagram post that is open.
  • On the Instagram picture downloader page, paste the link into the input field and select Download.
  • Re-click Download to confirm your selection.

3. Can I download photos from Instagram on my PC?

Sure. Our online Instagram photo download service is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. In any situation, it is equally practical.

4. Can I download images from Instagram for free?

Yes, Instagram Photo Downloader are available for free download. We don’t request registration or payment information.

5. Can I use an image downloader to save private accounts’ photos?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download photos from private Instagram accounts.

6. From where can I access all the photos that Instagram Photo Downloader has saved?

All of your stored pictures can be found in your computer’s Downloads folder (Windows, Mac, iOS). For phone storage, the same is true. Additionally, saved images will be instantly visible in your Gallery.

7. Can Instagram photos be downloaded legally?

Yes, as long as you don’t start utilising their images for profit, it’s legal. Only your personal usage is permitted for saved images.

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