Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids: The Complete Guide


Welcome to our guide on how to learn Noorani Qaida for kids.

This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about this important Islamic text. We will start by explaining what Noorani Qaida is, and then move on to discuss the different sections and chapters. We will also provide tips on how to best learn and memorize the text.

We hope you find this guide helpful and that it helps you and your children learn the basics of Noorani Qaida.

What Is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is an Islamic guide for kids that teaches them the basics of the Arabic alphabet. It is a popular choice for homeschooling families and is recommended by many Islamic scholars.

Noorani Qaida is not just for kids, however. It can also be used by adults who want to learn how to read and write in Arabic. The best thing about Noorani Qaida is that it is easy to use and it covers all the basics of the Arabic language.

Benefits of Learning Noorani Qaida

Learning Noorani Qaida is good for children in many ways.

It helps them to learn the Arabic alphabet and to read and write in Arabic. It also teaches them about the basics of Islam, such as the five pillars of faith.

Most importantly, it helps to develop their character and inculcate Islamic values in them. By learning Noorani Qaida, children learn to recite the Quran with proper pronunciation, which is a great blessing.

How to Teach Noorani Qaida to Kids

In order to teach Noorani Qaida to kids, you will need:

1. A copy of the book

2. A whiteboard or a large piece of paper

3. Markers or crayons

4. A student workbook for each student

5. A set of audio CDs

Once you have all of these materials, you can begin teaching Noorani Qaida to your students.

Common Mistakes When Teaching Noorani Qaida to Kids

As an adult teaching Noorani Qaida to children, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that can easily be made. One of the most common mistakes is expecting too much from the child in terms of understanding. When children learn something new, they need more time to process and understand the material. Additionally, many adults try to teach too much material at once, which can lead to frustration and confusion on behalf of the child.

Another mistake that often happens when teaching Noorani Qaida to children is not breaking down the material into digestible chunks. Young children learn better when they’re given bite-sized pieces of information so they can slowly absorb and understand what they’re being taught. Giving too much information all at once will only lead to confusion and exhaustion.

Tips for Encouraging Kids to Learn Noorani Qaida

Making Noorani Qaida fun for kids is an important factor in getting them to learn. You can create an enjoyable and interactive learning experience by making use of colorful charts, posters, and audio materials. One of the best ways to get kids engaged is to divide them into teams and have them participate in a quiz game or quiz contest that challenges their knowledge of Noorani Qaida. Additionally, you can reward them with treats or gift certificates when they successfully complete a task or project. This will motivate them to keep learning and will also help them remember the material better.

Resources for Learning Noorani Qaida With Kids

You have all the resources you need to get started teaching your kids Noorani Qaida. There are plenty of websites with song tutorials for children, and even YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Noorani Qaida. Apps like Alif-Baa-Taa and MQQ can help you get your children familiar with the letters and pronunciation of the words, which can be a great help in the early stages of learning. Additionally, there are colorful books available with stories and rhymes to make learning more fun for kids. Finally, if you want an instructor to guide you through the process, you can always hire a qualified teacher at a reasonable cost.


In this article, we have provided you with a detailed guide on how to learn Noorani Qaida for kids. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you are now able to teach your child this beautiful and sacred form of recitation.

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