MBC2030: How the Entertainment Business is Changing

MBC2030 takes the latest trends and technologies shaping our lives today and applies them to the future of entertainment, including what types of content we’ll be consuming, how we’ll be consuming it, and where we’ll be doing it. Along the way, you’ll learn about everything from how the concept of entertainment will change to how movie theaters and music venues are responding to the technology driving these changes.  Mold InspectionMold Removal & Mold Remediation New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island & Manhattan NYC Mold Specialist,

Part 1. The Digital Media Landscape

The entertainment business has changed dramatically in recent years, moving from traditional platforms to digital ones. To understand where it’s going, it’s important to understand where it’s been. Part 1 of MBC2030 explores how all that has changed and how we reached our current state. It will also explore some of the projects being developed by some of today’s entertainment industry heavyweights and share a few insights into which projects seem poised for future success, giving you a way to get an early leg up on what may be coming next. Part 2. What’s Next? In part 2 of MBC2030, we’ll take a look at where things are headed over the next 10 years or so. We’ll discuss emerging technologies that are already starting to reshape our world and give us new ways to experience content—from virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens to wearable technology like Google Glasses. We’ll also discuss some new developments in storytelling, such as augmented reality (AR) apps like Snapchat or computer-generated narratives like Her that blur lines between fiction and reality even further than they already have.

Part 2. New Funding Models

Hollywood films have traditionally been made with funding from a few major studios. But it’s no longer a monopoly. Smaller, independent films can be funded in different ways than in years past, making them more competitive in the market and allowing studios to take bigger risks on more innovative concepts. Also, as audiences continue to evolve, filmmakers are looking for ways to bring films directly to their viewers. New entertainment delivery models will increase competition among these new distribution systems—and as such make them an attractive target for new investors. Regardless of how you like your entertainment served up—blockbuster or indie flick? On film or streamed online? In a theater or on your mobile device? —there’s room for new investors in Hollywood’s booming industry. Here are some questions that need answers (the bold words): What kind of opportunities exist today? Are there any barriers that would prevent me from getting involved? Who is already taking advantage of these opportunities? Where do I start if I want to get involved right now?

There could be many reasons why MBC2030 might fail: Maybe they don’t manage money well. Maybe they spend too much money on advertising, leading to bankruptcy.

Part 3. Marketing Trends in the Age of Social Media.

The MBC2030 study brings together experts from several industries to examine how marketing trends are changing with social media. This online report will be released exclusively to BtoB magazine readers in January 2012 and will serve as a guide for business-to-business marketers on how best to reach audiences in a social media age. More than 50 percent of participants say they don’t know what content will resonate most with their audiences, underscoring just how much social media strategies are still in flux today. When asked which forms of content marketing will work best over the next year, 83 percent agreed that a mix of visual images, text and video would perform best, while 75 percent said interactive features (polls, surveys and quizzes) would also be useful. As one participant noted, Companies must begin experimenting with all types of social media platforms to figure out what works best for them. That’s especially true when it comes to integrating interactivity into your content marketing efforts. People love interacting with brands online, so why not let them?

MBC2030 can help you learn more about emerging market trends—and put those insights into action across your organization by downloading an exclusive copy of our upcoming report: Marketing Trends in the Age of Social Media . It’s only available through December 2011!

Part 4. A Way Forward

The technology industry faces a talent crunch, which has become acutely apparent in both recent and historical cases. Companies have had to move on from their most valuable employees and face stiff competition without them. Despite widespread disillusionment with American immigration policy, H-1B visas play an important role in alleviating these challenges by allowing companies to access top talent across international borders. In general, reform should include more visas to ensure that companies are able to attract and retain a diverse workforce. As an industry representative told The New York Times , The best way for a company to have stability is through diversity. This means filling positions with people who can address skills gaps rather than risking employee attrition by trying to hold onto key people for too long or not being able to fill vacancies quickly enough after they arise. While President Trump’s position on immigration may be difficult to predict, there are some things we do know about his administration’s agenda and its impact on foreign workers MBC2030 live login. For example, as he mentioned during his campaign, he wants to renegotiate NAFTA . Some members of Congress want stricter enforcement of existing rules regarding work visas . There will also likely be some pushback against new hires if there’s increased scrutiny over immigrant labor force participation rates (which is still quite low). Of course, no one knows what President Trump will do next when it comes to work visa reform—but it’s clear that changes will be coming soon and it’s time for tech companies to get ready.

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