Why there is a Need to Integrate HubSpot and LinkedIn?

Integration of Hubspot and LinkedIn helps you connect all of your marketing and sales activities. You’ll be able to use paid advertising, social selling, and direct outreach to expand your contact base. You’ll also be able to send in mail without leaving your Hubspot account. And when you’re working on a marketing campaign, integrating these two tools will help you track your success.

There are many reasons to integrate Hubspot and LinkedIn. Using the same account will save your contacts into your Sales Navigator list. You can then connect those saved contacts to LinkedIn. From here, you can create InMail’s, and learn more about the company. This will allow you to target them more effectively with your ads. 

The Best about HubSpot LinkedIn Integration:

The best part about integrating these two programs is that you can track everything with one tool. For example, Hubspot allows you to track all of your marketing activities. This includes paid advertising, social selling, direct outreach, and brand awareness. The results of all of your marketing activities will be reflected in Hubspot. 

The HubSpot LinkedIn integration allows you to use Hubspot to track social media performance. By simply clicking on a contact’s LinkedIn card, you’ll be taken to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page, where you can view their profile and contact information. When you click on their profile, you’ll see their name pre-filled in the LinkedIn search box. This makes it even easier for you to contact them directly.

With this integration, you can automatically import your contacts from LinkedIn. It allows you to send InMail’s to your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles. This is a great way to track leads and generate leads. Additionally, it allows you to easily import leads from LinkedIn and send them to Hubspot. You can even link your LinkedIn profile to Hubspot to make sure your contacts can find your company on LinkedIn.

Automatically Transfer your Leads Through Integration:

Integration of Hubspot and LinkedIn can help you tie up your marketing and sales activities. You can also transfer your LinkedIn contacts from LinkedIn to Hubspot, which will make it easier to contact them. If you’re selling a B2B product, Hubspot and LinkedIn will give you the best of both worlds. But the two platforms need to be integrated to work well together. 

Apart from integrating your social media accounts, Hubspot can also integrate your LinkedIn Ads account. With this Hubspot LinkedIn integration, you can automatically transfer your LinkedIn leads to Hubspot. It also helps you manage your LinkedIn presence. Besides, you can track your content’s performance by connecting the two tools in your marketing strategy. 

While it’s true that you can sync your CRMs, you should always make sure that you’re synchronizing your accounts with both platforms. Having both systems will help you identify the high-priority individuals. Then you can build audiences for your LinkedIn Ads. This will help you find out who is interested in your products. 

How do Business Owners Use HubSpot LinkedIn Integration?

As a business owner, it’s essential to be able to connect your social profiles with your website. In addition to that, you should have the same account in both platforms. By connecting your LinkedIn accounts, you will be able to track metrics from different sources, including your social media accounts and the number of people you’re connecting with. 

Hubspot can also help you with your social media campaigns. It can help you convert visitors that are coming from LinkedIn to your website. This will ensure that you’re capturing the right information that will lead to your next steps. Secondly, integrating LinkedIn will allow you to leverage the LinkedIn Ads program to manage your sales funnel. If you’re using a CRM, you can easily import data from both.


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