Netgear WiFi Not Working? Follow These Tips to Resolve the Issue

Are you experiencing fluctuation in your WiFi network? Have you tried looking into the matter? If you can’t resolve the issue, give a quick read to the following points. There are numerous reasons behind the Netgear WiFi not working issue. So, you need to first get acquainted with the problems.

After that, you can work on resolving the issue. With that said, here are a few key reasons you must be aware of. Read them to know what you need to tackle. Get going.

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Common Netgear WiFi Not Working Issues

Poor Internet Connection

Having a poor internet connection is one of the major reasons for Netgear WiFi not working issue. Continuous fluctuations in the internet connection could be there. Hence, the Netgear router might not be getting proper signals.

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In that case, the Netgear router won’t work efficiently. Hence, you should check the internet connectivity first in case you can’t access the internet via the router.

Damaged Power Supply

The power supply plays a major role in the working of a device. If your device gets constant power, it works efficiently. In case the Netgear router power supply is faulty, you might experience fluctuations in connectivity.

Therefore, check if the switchboard is working perfectly or not. Moreover, the power cable should not be loose on either end. A strong connection ensures a consistent power supply to the Netgear router. A damaged power source might not even permit you to execute Nighthawk router setup process.

Incorrect Login Credentials

You must provide genuine information while accessing the Netgear Genie Wizard. In case you have entered the incorrect login details, you might experience Netgear WiFi not working issue. It could be the wrong password or username.

Therefore, make sure you put in the right details. A simple error could lead to Netgear WiFi not working issue.

Old Version Web Browser

You need a web browser to access the internet on a computer or a laptop. Using an old version web browser might be the reason why Netgear WiFi is inaccessible. So, you need to update the web browser in case you face this issue.

Moreover, you should turn on the auto-update option on your web browser. This keeps the web browser up to date when you are connected to the internet.

Firmware Out of Date

The Netgear router firmware has predefined instructions for the proper functioning of the router. Having outdated firmware could be a risk to the security of the router. Therefore, if you face Netgear WiFi not working issue, you should update the firmware.

Get access to the Netgear Genie wizard and update the router firmware using your phone’s WiFi. It nullifies any errors or issues in your router.

Improper Router Placement

Router radiates wireless signals that can be easily affected. Furthermore, the signals need clear space to roam within your house. Hence, when you connect via these WiFi signals, you get access to the internet. If the Netgear router is placed in a congested space, the WiFi signals get restricted.

Thus, it leads to poor connectivity even if you have a strong internet connection. Hence, look out for electronic gadgets emitting radio waves, thick walls, or fish tanks.

Poor Connection Between Devices

A router does have an internet connection. Rather, the modem is connected to the internet. The Netgear router strengthens the WiFi signals and provides them throughout the house. However, if the router is poorly connected to the modem, you will be facing Netgear WiFi not working issue.

So, always check the connection between the two. In case there are fluctuations in the wireless connection, shift to a wired connection.

Sum Up

Elimination of all the reasons is going to resolve the issue you are currently facing. In case you don’t have a laptop to access Netgear Genie Wizard, you can download the Nighthawk app. Change the settings of the router at your convenience. With everything in check, you get a strong WiFi connection around you.

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