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Popcorn Ceiling Painting Service – Royal Home Painters Toronto impresses customers the first time around by providing free Online quotes to all of its customers regardless of what issue they want, answered on their homes like stucco painting or popcorn painting. For ten years, we have been on top of the homeowners’ list regarding home painting and handyman work in Toronto. The number of ways you can get these free quotes is also surprisingly diverse.

Popcorn Ceiling Painting Services

The Big Debate: Remove or Paint Stucco or Popcorns


What to do with popcorn Ceilings? Doesn’t matter as we do both stucco painting, popcorn painting or removing them, but this age-old dispute conflicts many homeowners. There are many purists from old generation homeowners who liked to keep peace with their interior stucco. Some are very idealistic and modern, so they choose to remove these ornaments.
If you decide you’ll go by retaining your stucco or popcorn ceiling or walls, we offer you a world of possibilities in the best form of maintenance work to keep your stucco/popcorn staying fresh and in style.

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If you decide you’ll go by retaining your stucco or popcorn ceiling or walls, we offer you a world of possibilities in the best form of maintenance work to keep your stucco/popcorn staying fresh and in style. Call Us Now (647) 490 8811


Stucco Popcorn Painting Tidbits

Did you know why they were called popcorns? It’s because of the uncanny resemblance to tiny bits and pieces of popcorns that are found after it’s installed. It’s slightly coarse when touched but okay when just left looked at over ceilings or walls.
These popcorn like materials are there due to proper adhesives, and if you wish to care for them properly, you have to be gentle whenever you brush it or use a sponge to clean it as that stuccos are dust-hogs.

Is Popcorn Ceiling Painting a Good Option? 

Modern stuccos are valuable exterior house siding and ceiling add-ons for its durability and attractiveness, but even these are subject to degradation over the years. Re-Painting popcorn ceiling or stucco walls is one of the most economical ways to maintain internal stucco. It makes it look brand new and sturdier. There are many reasons as to why stucco deteriorates. Our professional team can investigate further. After that, we can apply the

best course of action before permanently applying paint on the ceiling.

Deciding to keep stucco may be troublesome for a few homeowners in the Toronto area. But if you have expert hands working on keeping it safe, free from natural elements and maintained, painting stucco ceiling or popcorn ceiling painting will become less of a hassle. With expert handyman services in Richmond Hill and Toronto area, if problems such as cracks or visible holes come up, we can pinpoint the location of the leakage first so we can fix it before the popcorn painting or stucco painting procedure.

Are you Going to Painting Stucco Ceiling by Yourself?

So, read this part first.

How to Paint Your Stucco Ceiling

Most homes that were constructed anywhere from the 50s to the 90s contain stucco ceilings, which are also known as “popcorn ceilings.” The popcorn/stucco was prized for being able to obscure flaws, as well as being very white. That said, there’s no guarantee that this bright colour will last as long as you might like it. So, we’ve put together a helpful how-to guide on painting your stucco or popcorn ceiling.


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