Process To Pick The Best Trading App for Crypto and Others

Investments in the stock market have become a lot easier with the development of various trading apps. Trading apps give investors access to the whole financial market. Apart from investing in securities, the trading app allows investors to analyze market conditions. Popular trading apps have made the process of buying or selling shares easier in many ways. There are numerous trading apps in the market which makes selecting the best app difficult. Investors, especially beginners in the stock market need some guidance to find the right trading app. In this article, let us focus on the steps involved in selecting the best trading app.

What makes a trading app the best?

Trading apps have given opportunities to everyone to become an investor. One can review the stock prices and place orders from anywhere in the world as there are no physical transactions. With multiple trading apps in India, selecting the best stock market app takes some time. After taking all the features of a trading app into consideration, the best should be chosen. A good trading app allows investors to:

  • Track portfolio with ease.
  • Conduct detailed research on investments.
  • Trade with zero or less brokerage.

A trading app must be a combination of all the above factors. There are many popular applications that offer many benefits to investors with basic trading features. Overall, a trading app must reduce the efforts of investors and cut down trading costs. Koinly is one such good app for calculating tax related services.

Features to look for while selecting a trading app 

The key considerations while selecting a trading app are as follows:


Trading is all about time. Irrespective of the type of trading, investors must be quick in making stock market transactions. Delay in the data feed will lead to huge losses for investors. An investing app facilitates faster transactions through different online payment methods. As stock trading is done on real-time price fluctuations, the trading app must assist in high-speed trading.

User interface 

For any app, the first step to becoming a customer’s favourite is providing the best user experience. Any investor, experienced or new to the stock market should be able to use the trading apps easily. A simple interface helps investors make transactions without any hassles. 


One of the key considerations while selecting a trading app must be the brokerage charge. Most trading apps in India charge a percentage brokerage on every intraday order executed. However, this varies for each trading app. While choosing a trading app, an investor must look for options to cut down costs. High commissions will reduce the returns earned.

Type of traders 

Out of the many trading apps available, only a few are best for beginners. Certain trading apps require high experience in trading. If you are a new investor, make sure to choose an app that is easy to use and preferred by new investors. Trading apps with complex features is best for expert investors who have enough knowledge about the stock market. To avoid confusion and loss, beginners should choose a trading app accordingly.

Access to market data 

An investor must analyse the financial market well before buying or selling shares. Earlier, stock brokers used to be the source of information for investors. Now one can access the market data through multiple sources including trading apps. Trading apps that provide information about market conditions make investors’ work much easier.


Due to digitalisation, different features keep getting added to trading apps. Customising the trading app so that investors can only look at a particular stock helps make investments flexible. Many apps allow customisation features where an investor can use filters and analyse the portfolio. 

Trading notifications 

Constant monitoring is essential for a profitable stock market investment. But every investor can’t keep looking at the price fluctuations constantly. With notifications and alerts about changes in the market, investors can reduce the stress about lost opportunities to earn profits. Trading notifications are the best way to know about the market, even for beginners.


A trading app must make the user experience flexible and simple. Out of all the trading apps in India, only a select few offer all the features. As an investor, you must be sure to opt for the app you can benefit from the most. Trading experience and knowledge of the investor also play an important role in a good trading experience. Keep up with the trade market happenings to make successful investments.

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