PTE Academic Exam in India: Understanding Fees, Scheduling, and Coaching Essentials

Recognized worldwide, the PTE Academic serves as a gateway for individuals aspiring to study or work in English-speaking countries. In India, where ambitions stretch across borders, understanding the PTE Academic’s fee structure is essential. This fee encompasses both the traditional PTE Academic and its online counterpart, offering flexibility to meet the varied preferences of candidates.


With institutions like Western Overseas providing expert PTE coaching in Amritsar and PTE coaching in Patiala, aspirants are well-equipped to prepare for this crucial test, stepping confidently towards their international academic and professional goals.

Insights into PTE Exam Fees

PTE Academic Exam Fees in India

The PTE Academic exam, a crucial step for those looking to study or work in English-speaking environments, has a set fee structure in India. As of the latest update, the registration fee for the PTE Academic exam is INR 17,000, inclusive of an 18% GST. This fee covers the cost of taking the exam at any authorized center in India.

Types of PTE Exams and Associated Fees

  • PTE Academic: The standard test for university admissions and immigration purposes, priced at INR 17,000.
  • PTE Academic Online: For candidates preferring to take the exam remotely, the fee remains the same at INR 17,000, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • PTE Home: A suite of tests including PTE Home A1, A2, and B1, specifically designed for family and work visas in the UK, each priced at INR 14,435.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Fees

Understanding the flexibility of the PTE exam scheduling is crucial for candidates. If you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, the following fees apply:

  • Cancellation Fee: If you cancel your exam more than 14 days before the test date, you are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made 7-14 days before the test date will incur a 50% fee, and less than 7 days before the test date, no refund is provided.
  • Rescheduling Fee: Similar to cancellation, rescheduling more than 14 days in advance is free of charge. Rescheduling 7-14 days before the test incurs a 50% fee of the original test fee, and less than 7 days in advance is not permitted.

Late Booking Fees

Candidates should be aware of the late booking fee associated with the PTE exam. If you book your exam within 48 hours of the test date, a late booking fee will be applied. This fee is higher than the standard registration fee and is designed to encourage candidates to schedule their exams well in advance. The late booking fee is approximately 25% higher than the standard fee, making early booking a more cost-effective option.

Scheduling Your PTE Exam: A Strategic Approach

The flexibility of PTE exam dates offers candidates the convenience of choosing a schedule that aligns with their preparation levels and personal commitments. However, this flexibility also requires a strategic approach to select a date that gives you ample time for comprehensive preparation.


Engaging with a coaching institute like Western Overseas early in your preparation journey can provide you with a clearer understanding of the timeline you’ll need to be fully prepared, factoring in the various components of the exam such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Managing PTE Exam Fees and Additional Costs

A significant part of your PTE preparation involves financial planning. Understanding the total cost involved, including the exam fee, coaching fees, and any additional resources you may need, is crucial. Western Overseas assists candidates in this aspect by providing clear information on all costs involved in their PTE preparation journey, ensuring there are no surprises down the line.

Final Words

The path to achieving a high score in the PTE Academic exam involves meticulous preparation, an understanding of the exam’s structure and fees, and the support of a reputable coaching institute. With the PTE exam fee set at INR 17,000 in India, candidates are encouraged to invest in their preparation wisely.


Embark on your PTE journey with confidence and clarity. Connect with Western Overseas today for expert guidance, personalized coaching, and comprehensive support tailored to your success. Let us help you navigate the complexities of PTE registration, preparation, and beyond. Reach out now and take the first step towards achieving your global aspirations.

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