Reinvent Your Space and Plan for a Stylish Home Extension

Why move when you can improve?

Home extensions are usually sought to be a rational solution for increasing space in your home. With the passage of time, lifestyle requirements change. As your family grows, you might need extra space as well. Moving to an entirely new home can be a hassle and involves a lot of challenges and complications.

Thus, extending your existing space is a practical and well-thought solution to the need. With a house extension, you get a chance to renew your home and overall life. You can completely reinvent your space and enhance your lifestyle optimally. But it all comes down to having a bunch of smart ideas that can be transformed into reality.

Expert House Extension Drawings Hove specialists can further help you in visualizing your ideas, through architectural sketches. This helps you get an insight into what the final outcome would look like.

To help you out, we have listed some amazing ideas for house extensions. They are suitable for all types of homes, whether small or big. And you will find them feasible for all kinds of budgets too.

House Extension Ideas for a Stylish Reinvention

We bet that these ideas will encourage you further to get started with your extension plan right away.

Extension of Ceiling:

Another great idea is to extend the ceiling upwards. It makes cramped areas look quite open and refreshing. You can also plan an open kitchen along with it, to create a sense of space. This idea allows you to preserve the originality of your area and still extend your room smartly. However, this is a bit challenging to achieve. Thus, hiring a professional team is critical.

Add a Sunroom:

If you are planning an expensive house extension then adding a sunroom can be a great idea. Sunrooms or conservatories do not require planning permits and are quite budget-friendly too. This is why they tend to be one of the most common and loved house extension ideas. A sunroom is much better than a conservatory as it creates a very open space and allows you to control the temperature of the area easily too.

House Extension Drawings Hove
House Extension Drawings Hove

Outdoor Extension:

Patios, verandas, and other covered spaces on the outside can be a wonderful extension idea. It can be an incredible space to sit with your friends or family or partner and have a good evening chit-chat. You can also host BBQ parties or dinners here. If you are planning to create a space that can add up to your leisure time, then an outdoor extension is a definite YES.

Two-Storey Extension:

If you are planning to get maximum value from your extension project, then opting for a two-storey extension can be a great idea. It brings you excellent value for your investment too. Building another storey on a single one is easier. However, there are quite some issues regarding planning permits, when it comes to storey extensions.

It is recommended that you take help from professional Architectural Services Southampton experts. Your contractors can easily get the permit for you, depending on your area’s legal authorities guidelines.

Allow Natural Light to Seep In:

When planning a house extension, introduce natural light to sleep in. When layers of light enter your space, it automatically makes it look spacious and enhances its overall quality too. Opt for a big window that lets natural light in perfectly. You can also opt for a glass ceiling.


It is a great idea if you are planning to extend your home. But planning the right design and layout is very important. Be mindful of your budget, and preferences and know what you are actually looking for. Discuss your requirements with the team you choose and make sure that they acknowledge your demands.

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