Rules for Satta Matka:

In a satta matka game, players wager on the next number that the banker chooses. Every player receives a matka card that has 10 spaces on it. If a player wagers on a space and it matches the banker’s choice, the player wins the wager. The player places his money on the next space.

We will start with some satta matka rules:

Rules for Satta Matka:

When a player places his bets, he will get a matka card. Each number on the card has a number that represents the probability of that number being the banker’s choice. When a player INDIANMATKA makes a bet, it is based on the probability of a particular number. In a satta matka game, the banker selects the next number and the banker’s selection is called the ‘Banker’. The ‘Banker’ chooses a number between 1-99.

You play a ‘bet’ on any space that corresponds with the Banker’s choice. If you win, you get your wager back, plus the money that corresponds to the space. So, if the ‘Banker’ chose 40 and you bet on 44, you would get the money for 40 + 44 = 84.

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