SmiHub: Get Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously in 2022

SmiHub is a website that is used to browse Instagram accounts anonymously. People use it for different purposes. SmiHub is quite common these days. A lot of people try to connect with others without telling them. Some create fake accounts, and some others browse anonymously using third-party software. 

What is SmiHub? 

SmiHub is a website that can be used to browse others’ Instagram accounts anonymously. People use it for good and bad purposes. SmiHub can be extremely helpful if SmiHub if someone wants to see someone’s Instagram post anonymously. Many people love to see someone’s privacy without notifying them. 

 Yes, it is achievable, you can see someone’s privacy without even notifying them. You do not have to log in to your account to see someone’s posts, images, videos, stories, highlights, or IGTVs. If you can access someone’s account, then others can also access your account using SmiHub. Stay with us and we will tell you the way to save yourself from such tools. 

Why do people use SmiHub? 

People use SmiHub for different purposes. Some people use it just to keep themselves in touch with others. And some use it to download stuff like Instagram posts and reels. As I have described earlier, SmiHub does not need any Instagram which means you may or may not have an Instagram account to use SmiHub

Some people do not use social media platforms but want to stay in contact with others. So, they use such platforms to remain in touch with the outer world. They do not have to create an account or share their information with others. 

 SmiHub allows you to download images, videos, highlights, and IGTVs whereas Instagram Official does not allow such actions. So, some people use SmiHub to download others’ images and videos. 

What are the features of SmiHub? 

SmiHub is a website that is common these days. There must be something important about SmiHub, and that is why it is famous. The following are the features of SmiHub

  • Anonymous Identity 
  • Downloading option of Posts and Stories 
  • Trending Profiles on Homepage 
  • Popular hashtags on the Homepage 
  • Searching for flexibility 
  • Free to Use 
  • No need to Sign up for a Personal Account 


If you use SmiHub, your identity will be anonymous. The account you are visiting will never know that you have accessed its account. You can download images, posts, reels, highlights, and videos as Instagram does not provide such options. 

 If you visit SmiHub’s official website, you will see Trending profiles. Trending Profiles have the most followers on Instagram. Along with trending profiles, you can also see popular hashtags, the hashtags used in recent times on Instagram. 

How to use SmiHub? 

SmiHub is a user-friendly website. It is extremely easy to use and explore more accounts anonymously. You can access anyone’s account with the instructions given below: 

  • You must have internet access because neither Instagram nor browsing can be done without Internet access. 
  • Open your favorite browser as SmiHub is a website. 
  • Search for SmiHub Dumpor (or use:
  • Enter the username you wanted to search for and see the account. It will show you the list of accounts matching the name provided. 
  • Choose the account you wanted to see, and it will show you all the posts and stories. 
  • If you want to download any post, then click on the post and press the download button. 

Is SmiHub and Dumpor same? 

Yes, SmiHub and Dumpor are the same. Some people say that SmiHub is the old name of Dumpor. Previously it was SmiHub but later, they change their name to Dumpor. If you search for SmiHub, then it will take you to Dumpor. So, SmiHub and Dumpor are the same. 

Is SmiHub Free of Cost? 

Yes, SmiHub is completely free of cost. You do not have to buy a subscription to use SmiHub. You can access anyone’s account without informing others, and you do not have to pay for this. You can browse others anonymously for free of cost. 

What is another name for SmiHub? 

SmiHub is known for Dumpor. Previously it was SmiHub, but later, its name was changed to Dumpor. Some people think that Dumpor and SmiHub are different from each other. But no, SmiHub and Dumpor are the same. 

What is the best alternative to SmiHub? 

One of the best alternatives to SmiHub is Imaginn. You can do all the stuff of SmiHub using Imaginn. Both use the same strategy to browse and find other accounts anonymously. 

How do I get safe from SmiHub Users? 

If you want to keep your account safe. If you do not want to show your personal information and images to everyone, then you must change your public security to private. In an Instagram account, you can convert your account from public to private via settings. Just open your setting and change your account type to public. Because SmiHub or Imaginn are not able to access Private accounts. 

Is SmiHub only for Instagram? 

Yes, SmiHub is only for Instagram. You cannot access Facebook or Twitter on SmiHub. You can only access and download Instagram Posts anonymously via SmiHub. 

Does SmiHub show a Private Instagram Account? 

No, SmiHub does not provide access to a Private Instagram Account. If you wanted to see the Instagram account, then you must create your Instagram ID first on Instagram official, and send your follow request to the Private account, if that person approves your request, then you can see Instagram Private account posts and stories. 

Can I see anyone’s post anonymously? 

Yes, if you want to see anyone’s post anonymously, then you must use SmiHub. It not only allows you to see others’ posts anonymously but also allows you to download the posts. 

Do I need an Instagram account to use SmiHub? 

No, you do not need an account to use SmiHub or Imaginn. SmiHub is completely free of cost, and you do not need an Instagram account. If you use your Instagram account on SmiHub, then there will be no difference between using Instagram and SmiHub. 


SmiHub is a website that is used to access or browse Instagram accounts anonymously. You can access all Public Instagram Accounts. You can download the images and videos for free using SmiHub

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