Stop believing these 5 hair colour myths and fearlessly cover your greys

Whether you’ve been covering up those pesky greys since your early twenties or you’ve experimented with colouring over your natural hue, there are some hair colouring myths floating around out there. Here are seven myths about colouring your strands that are simply not true.

There are so many tips and advice out there about how you should and shouldn’t take care of your hair that it can be overwhelming at times. Knowing how to tell the difference between facts and myths is critical because some myths can harm your hair.

Coloring Your Hair Removes Volume 

The lightening agents used in hair colouring cause the cuticle to swell, making individual strands appear thicker and fuller. Swelling is actually beneficial when it comes to colouring your hair. The more swollen the hair shaft, the easier the colour will adhere.

Hair Coloring Can Be Harmful

When you dye your hair, you open up the cuticle to allow colour to be deposited, and yes, this causes damage. However, using the proper product can help prevent it.

Your brows should be coloured to match your hair.

In fact, we love having a slight contrast between your hair colour and brows. Furthermore, darker brows frame your face better than lighter ones.

It is acceptable to wash your hair immediately following a colour treatment.

After colouring your hair, you should wait at least 72 hours before washing it. Why? That is how long it takes for the hair cuticles to completely close, trapping the colour. To keep your strands from drying out, start washing your hair again with lukewarm or cool water. Oh, and the pool is out for at least two weeks because the chlorine will strip the cuticles, allowing minerals to enter the shaft and change your colour. 

Hair colour kits for at-home use are difficult to use.

These days, at-home kits are very user-friendly, so there’s no need to be intimidated. Look to the new Clairol Nice ‘n Easy to get the job done right. It has a new crème formula (that, by the way, smells like lilies), doesn’t drip, and allows for precise application. Furthermore, from start to finish, it only takes about 25 minutes.

Ammonia Free Hair Colour can be applied at any time.

Your hair must be somewhat clean in order for the colour to effectively bond to it. Why? Because the dye needs to penetrate the cuticle, your hair must be free of any product buildup (especially wax). This can also make it difficult for the colour to spread evenly. It is best to colour hair that has been washed within the previous 24 to 48 hours because the natural oils will protect your scalp from irritation.

Fancy Shampoo Is Overrated For Color-Treated Hair

Investing in color-treated hair-specific products is worthwhile and can save you money in the long run. This is why: These products not only keep colour from fading too quickly (reducing the number of trips to the salon), but they also help restore shine and moisture (two qualities that can be stripped away after a colour job).

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