The Benefits of Private Schools in Kuala Lumpur!

A variety of curricula are available. While everything may appear to be perfect for your child, it is critical that you map out your child’s requirements and demands before selecting the curriculum., it is claimed that if you want your child to develop from head to toe and assure great education, a key stage 3 curriculum is definitely the best option!

However, the other side of the story is that simply completing the key stage 3 curriculum is insufficient. The correct faculty and curriculum implementation are also critical. This is possible if private schools in Kuala Lumpur are evaluated. Before we go into why the best school in Kuala Lumpur are the greatest, let’s talk about the Key Stage 3 curriculum!

The Curriculum for Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum is a component of the National Curriculum that covers pupils aged 11 to 14, i.e. the first three years of secondary school. There are established standards for what students must be taught as well as assessment grading criteria. It also outlines the norms for fairly testing the pupils.

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Subjects Covered in the Key Stage 3 Curriculum

According to the National Curriculum, children in Key Stage 3 must learn the following 11 subjects: Computing or ICT, Technology and Design, Design and Art, Geography, Science, English, Physical Education (including mandatory swimming), Music, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Citizenship, and Math. And if you attend a private school in Kuala Lumpur, you will be taught by trained professors, experienced mentors, and teachers of all of these disciplines.

Key Stage 3 Assessment of Children

The key stage 3 curriculum has a fair grading system. Prior to 2002, students had to take SATs at the conclusion of Year 9. However, in order to minimize the strain on schools, SATs for these pupils were discontinued.

Teachers now assess pupils through coursework or by requiring students to complete in-school assessments. Their grades will influence their selection of the options for KS4 studies that they will be given in year 9.

Why are private schools in Kuala Lumpur the best for Key Stage 3?

The curriculum is excellent. However, you will only be able to reap all of its benefits if you choose the correct school. The following are some of the reasons why private schools in KL are the best:

  • Faculty with the most experience
  • The individuality and originality of students must be accommodated.
  • A fee structure that is affordable
  • Methods of instruction that have been updated
  • A comprehensive research strategy was used.

The Last Word

As of now, you should be convinced that the Key Stage 3 curriculum, also known as secondary education, is the most important stage of a child’s growth. Choose the best private school in Kuala Lumpur to ensure you receive a superior education. GIIS is one such school!

The faculty at GIIS, or Global Indian International School, is among the best in the country. It employs an updated and sophisticated method of imparting instruction that allows no room for students to have any questions. For more information on the Class 1 Admission 2023 procedure, cost structure, and other specifics, contact the institution.


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