The best dinnerware sets for your most 

Stylish dinnerware has the ability to elevate even the most modest of meals, and that’s especially the case if you’re willing to invest in a smart, matching set that includes dinner plates, side or salad plates, and bowls (don’t forget the crisp linen napkins and gleaming cutlery.)

That said, if you have a creative eye, you might like to mix and match complementary styles rather than opt for the first 16-piece dinnerware set you come across, which will award your table an informal, laid-back vibe, but one that’s no less inviting. Chintzy vintage finds can be given a new lease of life if paired with timeless porcelain pieces in white, while handmade, craft-driven plates and bowls often lend themselves to an eclectic place setting scheme that’s unapologetic in its mix of clashing colours and quirky forms – the common thread being their charming handmade appeal.

When it comes to trends, we’re seeing a lot of artisanal pieces from high-end brands and individual designer-makers alike. These days, we want our tableware with a backstory, we’re interested to know how and where it’s made, not least so we can impress our dinner guests with the history of the unique hand-thrown earthenware on our dining table. Painted porcelain and luxurious metallic accents are trends that are going nowhere, while super high-end individual statement plates celebrating colour and pattern are getting a look in, too.

Unless you have particularly deep pockets, these can be layered up with more affordable, neutral pieces that will really make them pop.

Which brand of dinnerware is best? 

Long-established brands such as Denby Pottery, Wedgwood, and Villeroy & Boch can always be relied upon for long-lasting quality and durability, and they can often give younger, minimalist home decor brands a run for their money when it comes to fresh designs. It really is all about the materials and processes, and that information is often easily gleaned from little-known designers’ websites, so it’s worth giving them a punt, too. Our favourite though has to be Our Place, a recent kitchenware launch which keeps delivering time and time again on style and quality.

Our Place may be one of the latest dinnerware brands on the block, but it has quickly taken its place as our favourite. Designed with aesthetics in mind, the plates, bowls and drinking glasses come in a range of colours, all of which will liven up your dinner party while still working well for day-to-day use.

Best luxury dinnerware brand: Denby 

If you’ve ever shopped for dinnerware, Denby will be a familiar name. One of the heavyweights of the crockery world, this coupe set is a classic in a two-tone design and made from stoneware clay.

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John Lewis & Partners Anyday Dinnerware Set


Affordable and durable? John Lewis has ticked all the boxes with its Anyday dinnerware sets. Simple designs, elegant china and dishwasher-safe construction combine this to make an easy winner.

How we tested dinnerware

Selecting the best dinnerware sets mainly comes down to taste and design, but we’re also partial to a set which is designed to be functional as well. Being dishwasher, microwave and oven safe chinet classic white 10 3 8 dinner plates 165 ct a plus that not only make the plates and bowls more durable but means you can just use them for more occasions in your home. But ultimately, aesthetics are most crucial for us. We were looking for unique sets that fit a range of different aesthetic styles, incorporating a few sleek plain-coloured sets, with those that had bolder patterns or colour schemes. We’re confident that whatever style of dinner set you’re after, there’s something here for you.

What is the most durable dinnerware? 

While having a few fancier pieces of dinnerware that you save for special occasions and parties is fun, making sure your everyday dinnerware is durable is an important factor to take into consideration when shopping. Stoneware plates and bowls are some of the most common you’ll come across, and they also tend to be regarded as some of the most durable, especially given that they’re typically microwave and dishwasher safe (although do check before use), and don’t break very easily. Fine china on the other hand will probably smash if you drop it just once, but if you’re after a good middle ground, porcelain is another good option that’s fairly durable.

What are the best dinnerware and dinner plate sets?

These convenient sets typically comprise matching dinner plates, side plates and bowls, in other words, all you need to kick-start your collection of essential ceramics. , chinet classic white 10 3 8 dinner plates 165 ct most are sold as a 12-piece set, others allow you to pick and mix individual pieces.

Our Place Set The Table set

Image may contain: Bowl, Drink, Milk, Beverage, Pottery, Art, Porcelain, Mixing Bowl, and Tape

Our Place Set The Table Set

  • Number of plates: Four dinner plates, four side plates
  • Number of bowls: Four side bowls
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Microwave safe: Yes- microwave and oven safe up to 175 degrees

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