The Best Evil Eye Symbol Jewelry for Men & Women

Absolute Devotion – Heart Evil Eye Triple Layer Necklace


When it comes to layered necklaces, they are amongst the latest trends in jewelry. The absolute devotion is a triple-layered necklace with two charms and a gemstone. The charms used to make this exquisite piece of jewelry are the evil eve charm and the heart charm. Whereas the dominant gemstone used is the clear Quartz. These three significant items, when combined together, result in unlimited benefits. Made with authentic gemstones in 925 sterling silver with 18K gold plating, the absolute devotion retails at $209. Karma & Luck have been in the manifestation jewelry game for a long time now, and therefore, it can be established that they know their way around gemstones and their qualities. Thus, offer the best there is in the market. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with care and innovation. 

Evil Eye Symbol

The evil eye is known in Greek culture as “mati,” a curse given to someone who has a wicked look and is thought to bring poor luck or loss to whoever gets it. You’ve definitely heard or seen someone give you the “evil eye,” but many people believe it means more than that. As a result, evil eye jewelry and charms were created. If someone has a nasty thought or wish for you, the evil eye will shield you from their bad intentions. This is why an evil eye should be worn at all times. Wearing one of these items on your body will keep any negative thoughts at bay and safeguard you throughout the day.

Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Madonna, and Nicole Richie (to name a few) have been photographed wearing red Kabbalah bracelets, making the evil eye an extremely popular piece of jewelry. Other celebrities, like Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian, have been seen wearing the evil eye amulet, boosting its popularity. The meaning of the evil eye varies greatly amongst civilizations, but charms and ornaments are the common thread that runs through all beliefs. In nations including Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Southern Italy (Naples), and Afghanistan, eye-shaped emblems known as Mazars have been employed to ward off the evil eye. Regardless of the location, the evil eye is present.

Whether or not you believe in the beliefs surrounding the evil eye, there’s no harm in wearing a charm supposed to protect you from misfortune and ill will.

Evil Eye Charm

Despite its growing popularity as a jewelry trend around the world, the Evil Eye Protection is regarded very seriously in cultures around the world where belief in the curse is still alive and strong. The evil eye protection symbol is an artifact from the dawn of civilization, harkening back to some of humanity’s most deep and persistent beliefs. Throughout history, the human species has sought the aid of mystical artifacts known as talismans or amulets to aid them in their daily lives and protect them from the unknown.

The Mesopotamians were the first to record the symbol around 5,000 years ago, but it could have originated as early as the Upper Paleolithic period. This emblem can be found in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu civilizations, as well as Buddhist and Hindu communities. It helps you realize that the world is a tiny place and that we aren’t so dissimilar after all. The evil eye is a curse believed to be thrown by a jealous look or other negative energy, and it is usually directed towards someone who is unaware of it. Receiving the evil eye is said to bring misfortune, bad luck, or injury in many cultures. The eye emblem was used in jewelry, talismans, and amulets to protect the wearer from harm.

The evil eye bracelet overall benefits include the notion that it protects the wearer from evil spirits and bad luck. The eye symbol is both an amulet and a talisman, and it can provide you with both protection and power. Wearing this protective emblem for good luck or protection against the power of evil negative energy is a cultural norm among believers.

Heart Charm

In general, a heart necklace represents love and profound affection for someone. This type of necklace has suddenly become a trendy trend, despite the fact that it has been present for many years. The heart charm is a classic emblem of love, passion, adoration, femininity, and sensuality, and it’s a representation of love, passion, adoration, femininity, and sensuality. The heart also symbolizes life and power, as well as direction, intuition, and truth, as seen by the phrases “listen to your heart” and “follow your heart.” A timeless present for a loved one or a thoughtful present for someone facing a major decision.


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