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French eCommerce platform was formally launched worldwide long back in 2008. They have been a prominent player in the SEO business for a long time. They have been thinking about taking the next step for the business. WiziShop is trying to bring all the retailers all around the globe to access the platform’s SEO-powered services. WiziShop has enjoyed great success for more than a decade with French eCommerce shops. Hence, they are now targeting to work with international brands and businesses.

Search engine optimization is the core feature of any digital marketing campaign. A significant share of online shopping ventures begins with a Google search. In the era of digitalization, every online shop must make its presence most felt online. Therefore, e-shops need to design their sites with search engine algorithms in mind. That allows retailers to find new customers, boost brand recognition, and increase their reliance on the internet.

By including SEO as a core part of their work, WiziShop is now successful in making SEO accessible for hundreds of budding entrepreneurs. Every WiziShop store automatically includes the major elements of SEO. That allows their stores to benefit from a sound technical foundation without putting in any additional funding or effort from the business owner. The importance of SEO-powered solutions cannot be underestimated, as SEO is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy. Let us look at the ways WiziShop is the best eCommerce solution you can find –

What are the Benefits of WiziShop?

WiziShop helps innumerable business owners create unique and top-quality online stores that will facilitate search engine results and appeal the customers. The following are the core features the company is excited to present to international clients –

  • SEO Built into Platform

WiziShop follows an SEO-powered approach that sets it apart from all other eCommerce platforms. Here, shop owners don’t need to invest additionally in SEO services or add extra elements to their online stores to perform well for their target keywords. Instead, WiziShop formulates its SEO strategy into its clients’ websites from the very beginning. Thus, it helps the stores to reduce the burden on the retailer.

Clients can also get benefitted from WiziShop’s 50 SEO optimization options. In addition, WiziShop also gives access to its clients to a user-friendly SEO dashboard in their administration area. This dashboard makes it simpler for retailers to manage SEO with all the required tools in one place.

  • Customizable

WiziShop stores give the store owners full freedom to fully customize their online stores. The platform supports a vast array of businesses across many industries. So, they have a variety of flexible shop designs and layouts, which retailers can use. Retailers can also access one of WiziShop’s many templates. They can make minimal or no changes to it, or they can completely customize their shop design to fit their requirements.

  • Video Training

Video training is a major benefit of WiziShop. All the WiziShop clients can access a series of training videos that teaches the retailers every step vital for the online marketing process. These videos teach retailers how to set up a successful shop with WiziShop. They also offer tons of valuable information about paid advertising, social media marketing, and other eCommerce topics.

These training videos are especially helpful for new entrepreneurs having little or no experience in building a business or a brand. This way, countless youngsters are stepping into entrepreneurship and building their first-ever shop with the help of WiziShop.

  • Business Coaches

WiziShop also offers professional coaching to the new business owners with their business coaches. These coaches are professionals in providing advice on shop creation, business management, and strategic marketing. In addition, most research paper writers ensures that these coaches have business acumen and adequate training before starting.

They even provide several weeks of training to them before starting at WiziShop. In addition, WiziShop continues to educate them regularly to ensure that they stay up to date about the latest eCommerce trends and news. Clients can even consult with a coach to discover innovative ways to expand their business and increase their profits at no additional cost.

  • Free Trial

Transitioning from one eCommerce platform to another is a big commitment. Transitioning involves a significant amount of risk. It is extremely difficult to convince business owners as they are always hesitant to move away from their current platform. So, WiziShop offers a 15-day free trial to every business owner if they are looking to move away from their existing platforms.

This facilitates the shop owners to evaluate whether the platform suits their needs. The best part is this feature comes at no extra cost, which helps the business owners to facilitate a seamless transition. Once their trial period is over, they can conveniently choose from a variety of plans and choose the one that best suits their individual budget and needs.

  • Client Reviews

When you are doing an online business, most decisions are taken based on their online image and brand value. Verified Reviews on google are a great source to look whether the brand you are looking for is reliable or not.

Google verified reviews reports a rating of 9.5 out of 10 for WiziShop. WiziShop has already served hundreds of European eCommerce shops to date. Their huge client base reviews only establish that the platform is user-friendly and delivers effective results for SEO.

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