The Truth concerning the Shackledcraft Forums

When the Shackledcraft forums were stop working in early 2017, it had been with an important heart and a sigh of relief. the ultimate post by the site’s founder, Eric Smith, elaborate however the forums had been compromised by hackers and used as a botnet to attack alternative sites.

It had been associate unfortunate finish to a vital a part of on-line poker history. plenty has been same concerning what happened to the Shackledcraft forums in recent years. a number of it’s true, a number of it’s false and far of it’s somewhere in between.

So as to line the record straight, we have a tendency to reached bent many key people for interviews that haven’t been printed anyplace else. The scope of this text isn’t restricted to simply one aspect of the story however rather all sides of it – each positive and negative – in order that everybody will frame their own minds concerning what extremely happened with one in all the Internet’s most known poker sites…

Who Was Shackledcraft forums?

Before discussing the assorted stages of the forums, it’s necessary to induce a fast summary of WHO Eric Smith was and what he did. Eric supported the ShackledCraft forums in March 2007. He was a computer user WHO had created many alternative prospering on-line communities. The SC forums were his 1st obtrude upon the poker world, and he quickly established himself as a revered poster.

Eric was a really personal person. He was a married man and didn’t need his name or face related to the SC forums. to the current finish, he went along the handle “handsome man” and provided no clues concerning his real identity. Besides being a computer user, Eric was a high-stakes MTT player. He was conjointly one in all the primary members of the SC forums. However, he was ne’er a moderator or administrator on the location.

The Glory Days of Early 2008

The shackledcraft forums began as atiny low project in 2007 by a computer user named Eric Smith. His goal was to make an internet poker forum wherever poker players may speak strategy, raise queries, and share their experiences. The forums grew steady with a set of players and shortly became recognized as a vital a part of the net poker community. The forum’s growth sped up dramatically in 2008 once 2 massive things happened.

First, the total Tilt Poker closing caused several on-line poker players to travel on the search for a replacement place to play. plenty of them concluded au fait SC. Secondly, the Merge Network was created, and also the SC forums were chosen to be the official poker forum of the new poker network. the complete poker community was then ready to see that the SC forum existed, and it received scores of further views.

2011: A Turning purpose for the Forums

The SC forums enjoyed a good deal of success within the years when 2008. They got plenty of traffic from the Merge shackledcraft ad Network and were home to a vigorous and knowledgeable membership. The forums were a good place to find out concerning poker and have discussions concerning strategy and future events.

The forums were conjointly an area wherever folks may discuss the politics of the net poker world. they might say laws and rules, give analysis of recent poker headlines, and discuss the assorted controversies and feuds that had swirled round the shackledcraft ad on-line poker trade for years. sadly, the great times weren’t to last. within the last half of 2011, the forums began to expertise some growing pains. the location was obtaining such a lot traffic that it had become troublesome to manage and maintain. there have been several technical issues that Eric had been unable to unravel.

Problems with the Site’s Codebase

The SC forums were written within the PHP programing language. This was the quality for forum software system for years and it worked well once the location was little and manageable. However, because the website shackledcraft ad grew and also the technical issues multiplied, Eric completed that the forum’s codebase was imperfect and not one thing he may fix.

He required to search out a replacement platform to run the forums on. sadly, Eric failed to have the cash to rent a team of programmers to make a replacement forum platform from scratch.

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