Things to look for when leasing a warehouse

When it comes to business matters such as investing, buying or leasing a top warehouse in Bangalore, one wrong choice could lead you down a rabbit hole. Everything needs to be checked and tested thoroughly before you put your signature over the papers and finalize the deal.

A warehouse is a building used by manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, etc., to store goods for the time being before they are sold. It is a really important part as almost all your goods get stored here. One bad choice, and you would be risking the quality of your products.

So in order to make the right choice, we have lined up some of the factors you need to see before leasing a warehouse.

What to look for before leasing a warehouse?

Following are some of the major things you need to look for and check in a warehouse before you finalize a deal with the contractor.

The size

The first and most important thing that you need to see is the size of the warehouse. You will be given the size and other measurements by the dealer, but you should go and see the warehouse by yourself. Take a tour and then take some time to determine whether the size is right for you.

Is it too big? Too small? Just right? Be sure to ask yourself all sorts of questions to make the right choice.

The location

The next thing to see is the location. You should settle for a location that cuts your transport costs. If your factory is on the outskirts of Bangalore, your products need to go to wholesalers in Bangalore, then you should find a top warehouse in Bangalore. This way the transportation costs are cut.

But you may need different locations for different types of businesses. If your goods need to go via the sea, your warehouse needs to be close to the sea.

Office area

This is the thing that some of us forget about in all the minute details about the storage of goods. Although a warehouse is basically a storage space for your goods, there needs to be an office area somewhere in it. A space for your employees to keep a check on the inventory and perform their daily tasks.

And it is better if the warehouse already has an office space. Do not keep the option of a makeshift office in your head, as the cost of building a makeshift office space will not be worth it.

The height

Along with the size, this is another extremely crucial factor. The height also determines the storage space in a warehouse. Traditionally, the warehouses used to be about 12 to 24 feet in height, but now warehouses with a height of around 30 to 36 feet are becoming more popular.

The reason for that lies in the fact that the bigger the height, the less you need the width. So with the extra area, one can also build extra spaces.

Anyways, you need to check the height of the warehouse to make sure whether it has the potential to fit your goods or not.

The security

Security is necessary everywhere, whether it be your home, your office, a school or even your warehouse. Security for a warehouse includes at least CCTV surveillance. This acts as a precaution against theft and damages to your goods and all the other unwanted guests.

A warehouse may also have a security system that only allows entry to the employees with a code, their fingerprint or their identity card.

Other than these measures, an alarm system in case of fire, forced entry, and such also acts as additional security measures.

The layout

Another important thing to check is the layout of the warehouse. How it is designed, what goes where and such. While looking at it, you need to imagine it filled with your goods and try to see if there would be any problems or if the layout suits your needs.

Tech support

And the last thing you need to see is the kind of technology that the warehouse supports. If you require some high technology to help store your goods, you need to check and test if the warehouse has enough resources to be able to support that technology.

Other things you need to consider

  • Your space requirements
  • Dock and parking lot
  • Access to the warehouse
  • Requirements of your team
  • Cost per square feet


Those were all the things you needed to see in order to make the right choice in leasing a warehouse. The factors mentioned were the size, the location, the height, the layout, the security, the tech support and the office area. We also listed down some other things you need to check based on your business’s requirements.

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