Top 8 Telemedicine Apps on the Market

The development of telemedicine applications fulfills the natural demand of the digital age: how to bring patients and doctors closer without having to waste long hours traveling, but at the same time get all the benefits of healthcare. That being said, telemedicine should become such an integral part of the healthcare system in the future that it is no longer referred to as “Telemedicine” but just another common way to talk to peers or patients. To prepare for the day, let’s review some important information about telemedicine that you may not already know.

The WHO describes telemedicine as “the delivery of health care services where patients and providers are separated by distance.” Simply put, telemedicine solutions involve the practice of using communications technology to connect healthcare providers with their patients and with each other over great distances. Telemedicine manifests itself in many ways, all of which focus on data transfer and communication. If your practice consults patients by phone, for example, you are already practicing telemedicine.

In times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the development of telemedicine software has become even more relevant and has begun to transform healthcare into the next phase. The main goal of telemedicine is to provide quality, cost-effective health services to patients wherever they are. It is particularly valuable in remote areas, vulnerable groups and aging populations.

Telemedicine software applications are used to provide virtual healthcare services from providers to patients. From all-in-one software platforms to video chat and more, here’s our comparison of the best apps.

1. Talkspace

According to Talkspace, 40 million people are covered for their services through insurance, but you should check with your insurance provider to see if you’re covered.

Talkspace is a convenient, affordable and effective way to work on improving your mental health. This subscription service allows you to send unlimited text, audio, picture or video messages to your therapist. We’ll get back to you at least once a day, 5 days a week, but if you’re messaging at night, you may have to wait for a response. So even though you can communicate 24/7, you may not always get answers 24/7. You can also choose to add one or four live video sessions per month with their Premium and Ultimate plans.

It offers the health plans cost between $260 and $396 per month and there are no contracts. You can add psychiatric services for $199 for an initial evaluation and $125 for follow-ups.

2. InTouch Health

In Touch Health provides premium virtual care solutions that enable hospitals and health systems to virtualize operations by offering practical solutions that meet clinical needs, exceed technology standards, and reduce healthcare costs while generating new revenue streams. The company’s reliable, dedicated virtual care network provides consistent connectivity, enabling clinical care teams to virtually coordinate with patients while reducing physician burnout and administrative burden.

Marham – Find a best doctor is another best telemedicine app that should be in your phone for better medical assistance. comes with an impressive user interface and easy navigation system. Its mission is to provide all the people of Pakistan with access to primary health care services and to assist patients in the evaluation and treatment of ailments, including urinary tract infections (UTIs), cold sores, influenza, acute sinusitis, acne, smoking cessation treatment, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), high cholesterol, diabetes and much more.

4. TelaDoc

No matter what kind of health problem or specialty you need to treat your health problem or condition, Teladoc allows you to chat with a wide range of doctors remotely, quickly and for free, while still using your existing health care plan. Simply ask for a specialist, communicate with your doctor via video or voice chat and have them issue a prescription or provide expert medical advice.

Medical advice and support via video and chat is now largely available thanks to telemedicine. Healthcare is available 24*7, anywhere in the world.

Telemedicine has caught on well in this rapid transformation. If you’re interested in launching your own health consultation app, consider us your technology partner with expertise for all your business and customer experience needs.

5. Dialogue

The Dialog app offers a holistic approach to virtual health services. The users can avail online and progressive healthcare facilities through mobile devices. Retains talent, reduces absenteeism and lowers healthcare costs. It helps people to be proactive, happy and have a great work-life balance. There are facilities like medical team monitoring, specialist referrals, prescription renewal, live chat with nurses, diverse experiences in a single panel of doctors.

6. First Opinion

First Opinion is a popular telemedicine app that offers easy access to doctors within minutes. It offers services that will make you feel comfortable from the comfort of your home while offering you excellent medical services that will make you feel like you are in good hands at the medical center. There are facilities that will solve all your queries, get you to the right doctor and offer the right kind of treatment at a manageable cost.

7. Express Care Virtual

Express Care Virtual is a leading telemedicine software application that delivers best-in-class virtual healthcare through digital media. It uses the expertise of doctors who are certified and licensed. It offers premium services, sitting in the comfort of your own home, that include diagnosis and treatment plans, skin and nails, common ailments, respiratory, gastrointestinal, wellness and women, etc.


Another great, well-rounded telehealth app is MDLIVE. Why?  As we can see that MDLIVE offers urgent care, dermatology and behavioral health options. MDLIVE counsels’ individuals and treats everything from insect bites and acne to hair loss, flu and colds. Their doctors can fill prescriptions, although patient education is important to them, ie they won’t prescribe you antibiotics if you don’t need them. But the best part? MDLIVE is covered by some insurances. (iOS, Android, free.)


Overall, telehealth platforms are becoming increasingly popular among doctors and patients due to the inherent benefits of telemedicine. There are many top healthcare apps operating online to facilitate patients online.

These apps are changing the way individuals receive medical treatment. Not only can people get the care they need sooner, but they can also save money by using telemedicine. It can even save lives and is quickly proving to be an important part of patients’ lives.


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