Trends & Style Tips for Summer Fashion in 2022

It’s a challenge to look good in summer with sweat trickling down your body to drop onto the floor like a tap you can’t turn off. Be it the fabric of your dress or its color, everything is best kept as minimal and light as possible to fend off the heat.

As the temperature rises, our clothes get skimpier and lighter. T-shirts and tank tops replace jackets and pullovers. All those thick layers from the winter wardrobe appear to be mocking you, and you begin to despise them in summer as much as you love them in winter.

Unlike your summer clothing that you can still continue to wear in winter with another layer or two, winter clothes had better be packed and forgone in summer. Summer calls for a radical overhaul of the wardrobe.

From what’s trending this summer to what would best keep you cool, this article tells you everything you need to look as well as feel good.

Summer 2022 Trends and Tips

There’s probably a summer 2022 fashion trend for all of your exciting warm-weather plans, whether you’re planning a beach party and looking for the best women’s swimwear for that or organizing a soirée on the rooftop. Here we go!

Walk Higher

With the Earth burning fiercely, platform shoes are a wonderful option to keep those soft dainty feet protected. If high heels make it difficult for you to walk, you can go with block heels, wedges, or clogs. There’s a variety of heels, so take a walk in each and pick the one you feel most comfortable in.

In terms of color, heels work as statement pieces, so you don’t have to choose light colors unlike when buying clothes. Hot pink heels are the thing of today. Wear them with a black or white dress to stomp in style.

Go Pink and Pretty

You cannot look any more feminine and prettier than you do in pink. Go for the light salmon shade or the striking hot pink – pink is the color of this summer. The internationally acclaimed Italian designer and the creative director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli, covered the catwalk in pink for his 2022 show.

Stay Ready for a Dive

While everyone is planning beach and poolside parties, you never know when those crazy friends of yours may show up outside your workplace and get you into the car for some water fun. Maxis, jumpsuits, skirts, and oversized white shirts with jeans can be worn to the workplace as well as a summer party.

Go Monochrome

Although floral and tropical prints are a timeless summer fashion trend, there’s an increasing interest in monotone clothes. With more focus on the stitching and design of a piece, they help achieve a neater and simpler look, which is all that summer requires.

What makes them a better choice is that even if you go for a bold color, you still look simple and sophisticated.

Get Suited

Who says that you cannot wear suits in summer? Mango and Zara, our favorite brands have a range of cotton blazers and coats in their 2022 summer collections.

Combine this trend with the one above – i.e., get a monochrome suit – for a perfect professional look.

Wear Mushrooms

From Alexander McQueen to Brandon Maxell, many well-known designers seem to be inspired by mushrooms, with mushroom prints and designs featured on their latest apparel. The trend has probably emerged to promote vegan leather, which is obtained from plant-based sources, with mushrooms being one of them.

Even if it’s not so, mushroom prints are quite a refreshing escape from stripes and floral prints, and we are all falling for them, ain’t we?

Knit Up

Gabrielle Union made quite a statement when she donned a white crochet top from Parada on her holiday in Paris, proving that crochet is just not grandma fashion. If you are planning a day by the beach, pack a crochet top or dress for an unruffled yet chic look.

Get Back to School

Fashion repeats itself. Chunky white shoes, miniskirts, and skorts (a portmanteau form ‘skirt’ and ‘men’s casual wear shorts’) are back in fashion this summer. Whether you pick a white sport-style skort or a grad-school pleated one, you are all in.

Add Some Fringes

Nothing can give you more delight than a fringed dress. If wearing a fully-fringed dress or skirt to a hangout with friends sounds excessive, a swishy purse or a pair of earrings will give a more restrained way to participate in the trend.

Cut it Out

From Instagram to red carpets, cut-out tops and dresses are trending everywhere. If you’re wondering where this trend stems from, it emerged when Janis Ian in the 2004 comedy-movie, Mean Girls, cuts holes out of the mean head girl’s top in an attempt to humiliate her. When the head girl notices the holes, she shrugs and leaves the changing room. Later, all the other girls start wearing cut-out tops, revealing their bras.

While the look does allow air to pass through, sun exposure may leave marks on that smooth fair skin. The more revealing a dress is, the more sunburn occurs.

Travel Back to the 70s

This summer, we are witnessing a major revival of the pop-punk culture with those embellished rhinestone belts, low-rise flared pants, body-cons dresses, and dark eyeliners making their way back in. For a perfectly dramatic look from the old era, pull on opera gloves.

Match It All Up

Matching sets are a simple way to have fun with your appearance without giving it too much thought. They are a playful alternative to a boring pantsuit. Swap out your heavy knit two-pieces and hooded suits with softer materials and upbeat designs.

Add a Little Silk

Colorful silk mufflers and wristbands allow you to add some fun to your monochrome outfit. Whether you wear a silk scarf as a bandana or use it as a scrunchie, you look summer-appropriate.

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