Types of Rakhis and Gift Ideas for Brothers

Raksha Bandhan is getting near and is excited to ring our doorbells as each day goes by. After exchanging prayers and well wishes for one another, sisters who are so bonded tie a holy thread of love around their brothers’ wrists. Rakhi festival has its roots in the Hindu ancient era and even dates back to Dwapar Yuga.

Rakhi festival falls on the full moon day of the Shravan month and is called Rakhi Purnima. During this festival, the families get together with their relatives and celebrate the occasion with a lot of food, well wishes, laughter, and gifts. You can get some quality personalised rakhi gifts for brother and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Below cited are some types of Rakhis that you can order online and some gift ideas for your brothers that you can give them along with the Rakhi. people also love Dosti Shayari

Types of Trending Rakhis

Bracelet Rakhi

Two different types of brothers are the recipients of this Rakhi. One, if your brother enjoys staying current with fashion. Secondly, if your brother dislikes the customary threaded Rakhis, these rakhis come in chains or are studded with movable locks.

Kids’ Rakhis

Several kids’ rakhis have themes centred on superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Suppose you have a younger brother or tie a Rakhi to your nephew., then a unicorn, Doraemon, Pikachu, or any other cartoon figure is also available.

Zardozi Rakhi

If your brother prefers classic, minimalist, traditional, and original work, you might get him a stylish Rakhi with beautiful zardozi work. The Zardosi Rakhis are laden with matching tiny beads and golden and silver threads.

Rudraksha Beads Rakhi

Get your religious and spiritually minded brother a lovely Rakhi embellished with Rudraksha beads. This Rakhi is best for your brother if he adheres to Mahadeva’s philosophy. Rakhis appear stunning when worn with Rudraksha Beads, which are revered.

Stones and Beads Studded Rakhi

These Rakhis are plain in appearance and ideal for brothers who want understated style and their Rakhis to match their casual and business attire. The thread is exquisitely beaded and stoned to make the rakhi stand out.

Meenakari Rakhi

If your brother loves painting, this Rakhi will be perfect for you to buy for him. Meenakari rakhi work is the painting or colouring on any metal or ceramic product. The Rakhi will surely look gorgeous on your brother’s wrist.

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers

Chocolate Combo

If your brother is a little champ, you can get him a chocolate hamper because kids love sweet delicacies, and beautifully packed chocolate hampers will surely bring a broader smile to the face of your little bundle of bliss.

Smartwatch or Fitness Band

If your brother is a fitness fanatic, this is a perfect gift for him. But, if you want him to look after his health and start working out, get him a quality fitness band; Either way, this idea is an ideal gift option for your brother on this Raksha Bandhan.

Personalised Mugs

Bespoke coffee mugs make a fantastic gift when it comes to any occasion. Your brother’s name, a photo with you, a heartfelt message, a movie character or anything else will make a super cute Rakhi gift for your brother.

Grooming Kit

If your brother is a fashion freak, you can get him a grooming kit to maintain the dashing look he has. A grooming kit will include all the essentials, such as beard oil, shampoo, after-shave moisturiser, beard oil, soap bar, perfume, etc. you can anyway get this for your brother to remind him to take care of himself.

Quirky T-shirt

For that khatta-meetha and nok-jhok wala relationship, you can get your brother a quirky t-shirt with Tom&Jerry prints. It will remind your brother how lucky he is to have a sister like you. Wink! or you can get a creative mandala art design T-shirt for your brother matching to the rakhi.

Indoor Plants

For that nature lover brother, get a blooming indoor plant which he can place in his room or office. It will be a perfect gift for your brother because most plants, such as Peace Lily, Syngonium, Jade, Pothos, etc., are great natural air purifiers and bring positivity and good luck.

This Raksha Bandhan, get your crime-buddy brother the quality Rakhi and gift set he deserves from his adorable sister.

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